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What Are Stocks in Simple Words

Stocks, also known as shares or equities. It represent ownership in a company. When you purchase a stock, you own

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An Overview of Stock Investing

Ever wondered how to make your money work for you? Stock investing might be the answer you’ve been looking for.

The Stock Engine

The Stock Engine has the ability to analyze multiple year financial reports of companies to compute an Overall Score and Intrinsic Value for top Indian Stocks. 

About Me Mani

About Me

We are just couple of people here. I take care of the day-to-day operation and write the financial algorithms, and a very close partner converts my algorithm into usable tools.


Few resources that will help you will stocks, fundamental analysis, and more...

Stock Basics (Guide) - Home Page

Stock Investing Guide

Before venturing into stocks, I'll suggest beginners to read these list of articles. It will greatly enhance their perspective of stock investing. Read

Fundamental Analysis (Guide)- Home Page

Fundamental Analysis

A tailor made guide for beginners who want to know what is fundamental analysis, how to read and interpret financial statements, etc. Read

Step-Up SIP Calculator

We all know about SIPs in mutual funds. But what we do not know is the effectiveness of SIPs when we use it in the step-up more. Use This Calculator

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Subscriber's Testimonials

"Many people (like me) want to earn money from stock market without any knowledge about the stock market. So we followed the other people’s advice. In this situation some stocks will gain. Most of the stocks will fail. Now the situation is got an END. Yes now I bought your tool. Here after there is no more red in my portfolio. The God will give all the prosperity to Mr. Mani and his family. Thanking you."
R V Aravintraj
"I've to admit (having used it for a year now), the Stock Engine makes the monotonous work of data entry and computing ratios and other metrics a breeze and really easy once you get used to it. Barely a matter of 5-7 mins, once you get the hang of it , cheers to mani for making it so intuitive and user friendly. "
Raj Shekhar
" Guy's, seriously! this tool does the task it is meant for very effectively. Till now (since 20 July 2019, my date of purchase) I have done an analysis of almost 40 stocks with it and observed the performance of many and purchased some stocks too (many of them are in green since starting & few in red that too with negligible loss). This tool is value for money and will help you (Retail Investors) in value investing. Thanks to Mani for his efforts he has put into it, and again guys do check out his website also for original great learning content. Thankyou!."​
Neeraj Mandloi

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