Refund Policy

Feb’2022 and Beyond (Stock Screener / Stock’s Engine)

  • This refund policy is valid for purchases of Stock Screener/Stock’s Engine subscription made in Feb’22 and beyond.
  • In case of any transaction failure noted by the payment gateway, the amount will be refunded to the payment source. The subscription once availed will be valid for the period. The subscription amount is non-refundable.

Prior to Feb’2022 (SAW)

  • This refund policy is valid for purchases of stock analysis worksheet (SAW) made prior to Feb’22.
  • The Issuance of refund is not binding. There must be a valid reason for the refund to be initiated. Please send an email ( indicating a valid reason for the refund. Please make sure to use the worksheet within the limitations indicated above. Please note that a problem related to Macros will not qualify for a refund. Please watch the user video guide.