Stock Analysis Worksheet V3.1

[Year 2021 Update]

The new version (V3) can automatically fetch stock data. This worksheet’s highlight is its ability to estimate intrinsic value, financial ratios, and 10 year’s snapshot (check its limitations). Along with V3, you will also get the Stock Comparison Tool for free. 

How to Buy?

Pay using the buy button. You can also pay using UPI & get discount Once the payment is made, the download link will be emailed to your email id. Check your Inbox/Spam box after payment. 

Why to Buy?

This worksheet is one of its kind. It converts the financial data into “intrinsic value“. This eventually helps the user to estimate if the stock is fairly priced or not. These are its features:

How to use


List of Stocks

As of date, this worksheet can analyze 600+ nos stocks. Why? Because we very selectively add stocks to our list. One of the criteria is, the stock must have at least 10 years of financial data. We are working, and we’ll go on adding good new stocks to this list. The list is dynamic. Your worksheet will automatically get updated for the newly added stock. We will not charge you extra for the new stock list. In case you want us to add any specific stock, please fill this form. We will consider adding them to our list of stocks. 

User video guide

Check this user guide vide to learn how to use this worksheet. Though this worksheet can fetch data on its from internet, but a new user must watch this video guide. It will help them to use the tool seamlessly.


"Hope you are doing well. This V3.0 worksheet is awesome and enjoys analysing. Thank you for the wonderful creation. "
SEP 09, 2020 AT 10:01 PM
"Point no 1. It is absolutely cool and easy to operate by loading the data in close to 5-6 minutes and I get the valuation of stock for me at a finger tip. Point no 2. Previously I use to do lot of calculation to arrive at the intrinsic value but now not any more..Apart from intrinsic value what I liked about the product is the management quality which you bring it as value add. This makes me comfortable considering the business as well as the management focus on the business to get more value add to the company and to it's share holders."
Rajesh Raghunathan
AUG 12, 2020 AT 8:33 PM
"Your sheet is terrific once you know how to insert value. Stock Analysis Worksheet is the best time-saver sheet I have ever invested in"
Archit Jain
JUN 17, 2020 AT 4:39 PM
"The stock analysis sheet+ product includes excellent tools which one can use for managing personnel finance without requiring any other support. The best of this package is a stock analysis worksheet which is very handy to analyze the stocks and one can make decisions based on underlying value. initially a bit tricky to enter data but after watching the help video all got resolved. thanks for providing these tools at a reasonable cost which is very useful for retail investors.i would definitely recommend these tools to my friends."
Amit Magadum
JUN 12, 2020 AT 9:41 PM
"The work sheet has been of great help for me could analyse quite a bit of stocks"
Suresh J.R
JUN 5, 2020 AT 11:22 PM
...I got benefited from this sheet a lot.. Thank you Mr.Mani.. keep up your good work.
Vaitheeshwaran Manickam (Youtube)
JUN 04, 2020 AT 08:15 PM
Brillant Excellent, I suggest and recommend , if anyone want to do value investment, i suggest buy his stock analysis worksheet, I have been using and have benefited a lot and made my investment safe good work Mr Mani, it is so simple
Kavish Shah (Youtube)
JUN 04, 2020 AT 5:21 PM
I purchased your sheet even without any commerce background, your excel sheet can be used and it works well, Thanks for your great work
Muhammed k veerankutty
MAY 31, 2020 AT 12:08 PM
I found Mani's Excel Stock Analysis Worksheet to be very useful in estimating the intrinsic value of companies. It is easy to use, and easy to understand even for someone from a non financial background. I especially appreciate the quick responses I received from Mr. Mani when I had some doubts regarding the usage of the worksheet. I wish him well and hope he continues to improve the worksheet in the future as well.
FEB 02, 2020 AT 10:28 AM
"I have brought stock analysis worksheet. Analysed around 10-15 stocks using and taken some investment decisions. I would like to tell you that , Past few months I was going through your blogs on I came to know importance of undervalued stocks with good fundamentals.I am basically a software engineer who wants to invest in stock market but does not have that much time and knowledge to analyse the stock.Your excel sheet has made it simple.I can also understand hard work behind this excel sheet"
Pravin Mogare
OCT 28, 2019 AT 5:32 PM
"I've to admit (having used it for a year now), this worksheet makes the monotonous work of data entry and computing ratios and other metrics a breeze and really easy once you get used to it. Barely a matter of 5-7 mins, once you get the hang of it , cheers to mani for making it so intuitive and user friendly. "
OCT 24, 2019 AT 11:27 AM
"Toolkit is very impressive and it is one pit stop providing all actionable inputs to make a sound discussion in this ever-changing dynamics of stock exchange. I recommend every one to try this out at least once."
Saurabh MISRA
OCT 16, 2019 AT 10:46 PM
" Guy's, seriously! this tool does the task it is meant for very effectively. Till now (since 20 July 2019, my date of purchase) I have done an analysis of almost 40 stocks with it and observed the performance of many and purchased some stocks too (many of them are in green since starting & few in red that too with negligible loss). This tool is value for money and will help you (Retail Investors) in value investing. Thanks to Mani for his efforts he has put into it, and again guys do check out his website also for original great learning content. Thankyou!."
OCT 1, 2019 AT 2:35 PM
"Many people (like me) want to earn money from stock market without any knowledge about the stock market. So we followed the other people’s advice. In this situation some stocks will gain. Most of the stocks will fail. Now the situation is got an END. Yes now I bought your excel sheet. Here after there is no more red in my portfolio. The God will give all the prosperity to Mr. Mani and his family. Thanking you."
R V Aravintraj
AUG 23, 2019 AT 07:52 AM
"I am writing this feedback after using the tool for almost a year. To be honest, it's a wonderful tool which provides complete picture of Vitals of Stock and intrinsic value by various methods, which covers required risk factors. In my opinion, the values calculated indicate what a conservative investor will follow and hence any type of investor can take this tool to check parameters of a stock before deciding on investment. Overall a great tool and really helps to help in putting forward structured method behind investment"
AUG 12, 2019 AT 09:50 AM
“It is a guiding tool for investors and I appreciate you efforts and for meaningfully sharing your knowledge. A very complicated process of analysing a stock from various angles, incorporating the huge available data, has been much simplified and designed in such a way the user need not have an in depth knowledge of Stock or the MS Excel”
AUG 05, 2019 AT 01:41 PM


Have made the payment, how to get the worksheet?

Check your Inbox/Spam box [Read: how to buy]. The download link is provided in the email. The downloadable file is zipped. Use the link to download the file into your laptop or desktop device. The worksheet works only on device which has MS OFFICE loaded on it. Read about limitations.

Why the download link in the email is not working?

The Download link will work only for the first 24 hours from the point of payment. This feature is necessary to limit the number of downloads, and unjust circulation. [Read: how to buy]

Why worksheet is indicating password protection?

Password protected helps to maintain the singularity of the worksheet. As the editing rights are protected, it helps to keep its internal algorithm intact. This way, the user can use the worksheet in a carefree way. The chances of worksheet getting corrupt during usage is minimal.

Does This Product Offer Investment Advice?

None of the articles or products of this Blog offers any investment advice. Please make sure to read the disclaimer before use.

How to add new stocks in the list?

We keep adding new stocks to the list regularly. When we first launched V3 in Aug'20, we had only 150 stocks. Now the number has more than doubled. You can also read about the list here.

How to use the worksheet?

Please check the user video guide for details.

Why worksheet is not fetching data (Macros)?

First step is, you must get the ‘Enable Marcros’ prompt when the file is opened? If not, then it means Macros is not enabled. Please change macros settings in the Trust Center.

Firewall settings may also block the MACROS. Easy solution is to try using the worksheet on another device. It should work. Else, reset the firewall settings. If you cannot do it on your own – please show it to a networking guy.

What is the Refund Policy?

Considering that Stock Analysis Worksheet is a "Digital Product", the paid money cannot be refunded.

Why there are no Banking Stocks listed in the Stock list?

This worksheet can be used only for non-banking stocks. In case you want to know about how to analyse banking stocks, you can read this article.

Bought the worksheet sometime back, how to get the updated version?

The worksheet gets updated with time. Buyers are eligible for free updates upto 6 months from the date of native purchase (without offers). Eligible buyers can contact me for the free update.

I do not know MS EXCEL, can I use the worksheet?

Yes. Just check the introduction video. It give give you a fair idea of how to use this worksheet. Though Use of this worksheet is easy and intuitive, nevertheless, this video can give an idea of how to use this worksheet.

Whom to contact in case of problem?

In case of problem, please contact me by sending me an email from your registered email ID.

Why my E-mails are not replied?

Generally I'try to answer all emails related to problems faced by users. But requests for resending worksheet, queries on sheet's algorithm, finding the cause of error, commercial emails, personalised queries, general queries etc may not get a reply.

Version Logs

Cover report updated. Intrinsic value algorithm changed.

Absolute PE method of intrinsic value estimation is introduced.
Automatic data fetching is enabled. The Worksheet can now fetch 10 Year financial data of companies (balance sheet, profit & loss a/c, cash flow statement, quarterly report, and price data).

Financial ratios sheet updated. (link to V2.1.6.2]

It’s a minor update. A reporting format showing 10Y snapshot of Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss account, and Cash Flow Statement is introduced. 

This is a major update where changes are made both in worksheet’s back-end and front end. Some mathematical models have been improved while couple of the old ones are also discontinued.

This update takes care of how how free cash flow and intrinsic value of stocks is estimated by the worksheet using Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) method. Know More about it here.

Management, profitability & financial health grading algorithm has been updated. It bring changes to the “overall score” given to stock in the “Cover” sheet (Oct-2019)

Effect of recent “Price trends & PE trends” has been considered to estimate intrinsic value (fair price) of stocks (Aug-2019)