Stock Analysis Worksheet V4.0

What makes this product unique is its capability to analyze stocks. How it does it? By estimating intrinsic value using multiple valuation models. It also renders an overall score, in a scale of 100. Its utility is further enhanced as it can prepare a list indicating intrinsic values and overall scores for all its stocks for.

Kindly read the T&C (limitations etc) of the worksheet and watch the How to use – video guide.


The worksheet can estimate intrinsic value of India's top 850+ number stocks. The analysis is done based on the company's 10-Year financial data.


The worksheet rates a company, and renders an overall score based on six parameters like price valuation, management, financial health, moat, growth, and profitability.


The worksheet will present the last 10-year financial data and ratios that can be viewed in one glance. It helps the user to establish a trend (like growing sales, profit, profitability etc.).


It is Web App based stock screener. Read more about it in the Screener Page. Click on the header or icon to access the page.


Stock Analysis Worksheet’s (SAW) algorithm is now implemented in the WebApp (Stock Screener). The intrinsic value and overall score calculation is done based on the SAW’s algo. The worksheet has been superseded by the WebApp from Mar’22 and onwards

  • #1. Works for 850+ Indian Stocks (see list).
  • #2. Includes only those stocks that have 10-Y financial & price data.
  • #3. Runs only on laptops with “MS EXCEL.”
  • #4. Only for NON-Banking stocks.
  • #5. Macros enabled Excel required.
  • #6. Internet connection is required.
  • #7. Disclaimer: Gives no investment advice.
  • #8. Editing rights not provided to users.
  • #9. Subscription renewal is required.

Please check the user video guide for details

How get the worksheet after payment?

Check your Inbox/Spam box for the email. The download link is provided in the email. The downloadable file is zipped. Use the link to download the file into your laptop or desktop device.

Download link in the email not working.

The Download link will work only for the first 24 hours from the point of payment. Do not worry, all users with a valid subscription will get a copy of the product any time. Just email me at

Password protected helps to maintain the singularity of the worksheet. As the editing rights are protected, it helps to keep its internal algorithm intact. This way, the user can use the worksheet in a carefree way. The chances of worksheet getting corrupt during usage is minimal.

This product gives investment advice. None of the articles or products of this Blog offers any investment advice.

Please make sure to read the disclaimer before use.

We selectively add stocks to our list. One of the criteria is, the stock must have at least 10 years of financial and price data. Hence you will not find any IPO’s or new stocks in the list.

We continue adding good new stocks to this list. The list is dynamic.

Your worksheet will automatically get updated for the newly added stock. Check the user video guide

Not Applicable

Why there are no banking stocks in the list?

The worksheet has been designed to analysis only non-banking stocks. In case you want to know about how to analyze banking stocks, kindly visit the list.

Wha to do if my Excel’s macros is not working?

Macros not running is a local device problem. I’ll not be able to help in enabling the Macros of your Excel Program. You can please take technical support available nearby. 

Every MS Excel has Macros enabled by default.

If the worksheet is online and it is still not fetching data from our database, it is a macros problem. It is not a worksheet issue. 

You can change your device and try using the worksheet in a new laptop. In most cases, it works this way. 

You can also try using the worksheet using your home-wifi or mobile hotspot.

In case the product does not work, due to Macros, the user will not be eligible for a refund (read the FAQ).

It works with which version of Excel?

Macros enabled MS Excel will work, though we strongly recommend you to migrate to the latest version of Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)

Does the product work on a Macbook?

Yes. Macbooks having MS Excel installed will work. It has been tested for both Windows and Macbook laptops. 

Whom to contact in case of problem?

Please contact me ( by sending me an email from your registered email ID.

What Our Users Say

"Someone like me who has no experience of the Stock market and does not know anything, its a great tool to understand nuances. Ofcourse I am also learning some jargons for stock market but this tool is very effective"
SEP 21, 2021 AT 10:27 AM
"Very good product of hard work of a guru with deep knowledge of the subject and heart to share the wisdom. No words to appreciate adequately and of course the charges are peanuts to the utility it provide a person seeking the intrinsic value of stocks. Heartfelt thanks and good wishes to GMR for continued success and support to the needy."
MAY 18, 2021 AT 1:11 PM
"Thank you Mani for a great product, its indeed become one of the greatest weapon in my arsenal, All thanks to you and SAW, which I use regularly to analyse all my stocks, with all humility I am happy to say that after so many years of burning my fingers in the stock market today my portfolio has touched 81.39% in one year of investing using SAW, also through your articles, I have gained a lot of insight and knowledge about analysing and investing in good companies. Thank you once again for sharing your knowledge and a great set of tools and resources on"
APR 28, 2021 AT 10:02 PM
"I am using your product most .This recent update is a good one .Don't want to miss that..."
APR 27, 2021 AT 1:14 AM