Stocks for Defensive Investors: How people with low risk appetite can buy stocks?

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In a book called ‘The Intelligent Investor’ by Benjamin Graham, the author has categorised investors into two types: Defensive and Enterprising investors. In this book, Benjamin Graham suggests which type of stocks is suitable for which type of investor. This kind of know-how is particularly helpful for beginners. Even experienced investors can take clues from […]

Oversubscribed IPO: What happens when IPO is Oversubscribed [India]

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What it means when we see an oversubscribed IPO? In an IPO, when the demand for shares of a company overshoots its supply, it is referred as ‘oversubscription’. Let’s see an example: On 2nd-Dec’19, bids for Ujjivan Bank’s IPO was requested. Total number of shares offered for subscription (supply) was 12.40 crore numbers. Total numbers […]

Value Investors Avoids Stocks Like these…

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Value investors does not buy any stock. Instead, we can say that value investors avoids most of the stocks of the market. Value investors know well which stocks to invest in, and which should be better left alone. If we observe the behaviour of value investors in last 100 years, a clear pattern can be […]