Emergency Fund: The Definitive Guide [New Perspective]

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What is Emergency Fund? It is a saving which is built to take care of unforeseen happenings of life. Hence such a saving, which caters only to unforeseen events, is categorised as emergency fund. It is that heap of cash which is used for managing unplanned urgencies like death, hospitalisation, car break-down, house repairs, penalty, […]

Become Debt Free: A Plan To Get Out of Debt Quickly [NOW]

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When you’ll Google the term “become debt free“, the search result will also display a query: “is it good to be debt free?“ This dichotomy related to debt has remained since ages. Why? For Banks, NBFC’s, government, and employers – loan (debt) strapped, EMI paying people are an asset. Hence they publicise debt as a […]

Home Construction Loan: What is The Process To Get Such Loans [India]

Before this incident I never heard of a home construction loan. One of our colleague was constructing a home for himself. In this age of rapid urbanisation, he decided to construct a home, all by himself. He had set a lavish plan for himself. He was planning to construct a really nice home. We were […]

Debt is Good or Bad for Company?

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How to know if more debt is good or bad for company? On a personal front, an individual must always try to live a debt free life. But debt for a company, may not be bad. Sure, debt is not apt for all companies. But for some, debt acts like a leverage. For such companies, debt helps to […]

How to improve credit score without debt?

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Let me give you the answer straight away. There is no way one can build or improve credit score without debt. Though there is a small compromise possible. But I will disclose it at the end of this article. But before that allow me to share my concept about “credit score” first. I know, you started to […]

Why not to use credit card?

Do you use credit card? Yes? Do you know why not to use credit card? Read further to know more. This article is written for whom? It targets those people who think using credit card is wise. Why they think so? They think that using credit card is great because of the following 3 reasons: Reward points– […]

How BHIM UPI Works?

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What is BHIM UPI? BHIM stands for “Bharat Interface for Money”. How BHIM UPI works? UPI stands for “Unified Payment Interface”. BHIM UPI is a revolutionary payment system started by Government of India. BHIM UPI is basically a Mobile APP which can be used to send and received payment in seconds. Why its is revolutionary? Because of three […]

Should You Pay Home Loan Early?

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Home loan is one debt that is often very high in value. Payment of EMI takes years to complete. Important question is should you pay home loan early? As home loans are big in amount, their monthly EMI is large. Every month EMI digs big hole in ones wallet. Ask a persona who pays regular EMI’s […]

Rent vs buy house decision explained with an Online calculator

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Rent vs buy a house decision is a dilemma that majority face while buying first home. It is one of the tough decisions of life. Why? Because when common men decide to buy a house, they are actually making a decision to lead a less-abundant lifestyle. Hence, along with money, buying a house also needs a […]