The Ultimate Guide to Understanding the Source of Income of Rich People

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The source of income of rich people may surprise you. From investment income to successful entrepreneurship, there are many ways that the wealthy build their fortunes. Let’s explore the sources of income of rich people and get insight into their investment philosophy and more. The ultra-rich, often regarded as the top 1% of society, enjoy […]

Realizations About Shares Portfolio: How To Build A Winner

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Stock market investing is not only about buying and selling stocks. After a stage, the investors begin to see the investments as a collection of stocks. Single stocks transform themselves into a shares portfolio. A stage comes when the investor starts to pay less attention to individual stocks. For him/her, more important is the present […]

Financial Independence: A Definitive Guide To Achieve It In Stages

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What is financial independence? It is a state where one’s assets generate enough passive income to pay for the required expenses of life. People also mention this state of independence as financial freedom. In this state of independence, people need not work (do a job) to earn income. What they rely on is effortless automatic […]

How home buyers can use RERA website to invest in good property?

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How the information stated in RERA website helps the potential home buyers? Before we go into those details I would like to say that the presence of RERA (a regulator) itself is a big “protection” for the home buyers. Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) acts as a regulator of the real estate sector in India. […]

Salary Dependency: How to Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck?

How many live life completely dependent on their monthly paycheck? Not surprisingly, 95% of all salaried people live a paycheck to paycheck life. Why it is so? Because salary (paycheck) is a very assured form of income. But on downside, it makes people complacent about their financial security. Salary income is assured only till one’s doing a job. If one […]

How Rich People Communicate?

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It is not an overstatement to say that rich people communicate effectively. So, how rich people communicate? One continues to be poor because of his/her habits. Yes, if we can only improve few habits we can become rich. Communication is one area where rich people score very high compared to poor. Research shows that most […]