How to create wealth from nothing?

How to create wealth from nothing? The stress is on the word “nothing”. Why?

Because if one knows how to create wealth from “nothing”, doing the same with “help of something” will be easier, right?

But there is a point about wealth creation that needs understanding at the outset. What is it?

Wealth creation is tough. Its like running a full marathon on hills.

Yes, there are no shortcuts.

Wealth creation is tough and it will happen at its own pace. Period. 

If one is ready to be onboard the wealth creation process with these limitations in mind, the journey will look rewarding. 

Otherwise, people losing steam midway is most common. 

There are only few wealthy people in this world…

What the data shows?

As per the recent Forbes list, there are approximately 2,250 number billionaires in the world. 

What is the population of this world? Approximately 745 Crore

This means, out of the total population of earth, there are only 0.0000302% people who are filthy rich?

For better visualisation, for every 33.11 lakhs people (3.3311 Million), there is only one billionaire in this world. 

Why this disparity? We are all born as equals.

But what makes only few reach the pinnacle, and rest lead a mediocre life?

The difference lies in the way people “treat their resources“.

People who are rich today, have utilised their resources in the past differently than others.

The treatment of “the resources in hand” shapes our possibility of becoming rich. 

But what if one has nothing as resources?

Even such people can become billionaires of tomorrow. How?

Lets read more…

Are You Resourceless? Think Ideas…

When it comes to resources, people often gives “excuses” like:

  • Humble background. 
  • Lived in a small town. 
  • Paycheck is not enough. 
  • Work is time consuming. 
  • Family life is not at peace. 
  • Etc etc.

Not that these excuses are baseless. But they are still an excuse that prevents people from reaching their goals.

The choice is always in our hands. Irrespective of all the hurdles, we still have a choice to say:

How I can still do it?

How to still do it? By always being in search for “ideas“. This costs nothing, right?

None of the above listed limitations can prevent one to “think of ideas”. 

What are best times to think about ideas?

  • First thing in the morning after getting out of bed. 
  • Last thing in the night before going into bed. 
  • Evening walk. 
  • Morning workout. 

In our endeavour to create wealth from nothing, “good ideas” gives the first push. 

Where to look for ideas?

Ideas are actually within us…How?

Whats within us? Our subconscious mind. 

But most of us live so detached from our subconscious mind that we forget that it even exists. 

We must learn to start communicating with this “inner mind”.

The only way we can tap into our subconscious mind is by “staying out of all distractions”. 

What does it mean? 

Our subconscious mind is as powerful as a supercomputer. But the problem with this inner mind is, it speaks only in “mute codes“. 

Catching these mute codes is not so easy. How to do it?

  • First ask questions (to subconscious mind). 
  • Then decode answers (of subconscious mind). 

How to ask questions? By talking more with self (self affirmations). 

How to decode answers? The answers will come as ideas. 

Do not throw aside “flashes of idea” which comes form inside, even if it seems irrelevant.

Give it a conscious thought. Research about it on internet, read books, meet people etc.

How to end the research work? This is very important…

“Write a one page report”, and file that report. 

Once this is done, go back to step 1. What was it? Asking questions to subconscious mind. 

A day will come, your one-one page reports will become a meaningful document. 

It is this document that ultimately converts thoughts into ideas; and ideas into a masterplan.

What the master plan is for? How to create wealth.

So could you see, how we are almost starting to create wealth from nothing?

What is the start? Questions, thoughts, ideas, planning…

This is how self made, truly-rich people come into existence.

I believe, sustainable wealth creation can be done only by self made people. 

What it means by “self made”…

I am sure now this phrase called “self made” is making more sense. How?

Masterplan is made more from self effort than from others help.

In the process of becoming a self made billionaire, the first step is to “prepare a masterplan”. 

How to build this masterplan?

By looking inside, and not by seeking help from outside from the word go.

It is not that external help is not necessary. It is equally important. 

Remember, what we discussed above about “doing a research”. 

If preparing a masterplan takes 100 minutes, a detailed research work will take 80 minute. 

But here, the volume is not as important.

20 minutes spent in generating an idea, is what will make billions tomorrow.

And idea must come from inside.

But to do research, external help will add more value.

Hence to create wealth, it is important to believe in the concept of being a ‘self made” person. 

What a self made person does?

  1. Generate ideas from within.
  2. Research ideas taking external help. 
  3. Prepares report (masterplan) by self. 

A person who is ready to do the above 3 exercise (repeatedly) will eventually become rich one day.

This is what makes wealth creation tough. 

It also answers why less people in this world are super-rich. 

What are the bottle necks:

  • We do not talk enough with our subconscious mind. 
  • We have no masterplan for our life. 
  • We socialise only aimlessly. 

So enough of the theory and concepts. 

Allow me to share a story which will explain how this person created wealth for self from nothing…

The story is about Jack, and how he went about from step #1 to step #4 to create wealth from nothing for himself.

#1. Need of Excess Savings…

This is a hypothetical story I once saw on youtube. 

This story is about a man (Jack) who got his first job in a big city. 

In terms of first job, the salary was decent at Rs.50,000 per month. 

The first few needs of Jack were as below:

  1. Accommodation.
  2. Transportation. 
  3. Management of Daily Life. 

Generally this is the point where, we all start to get diverted from our goal. 

What is the goal? Creation of wealth.

How we get diverted? By committing excess expense to the above listed 3 needs. 

This way there will be little left as “saving”. 

Remember, savings is one of the most important “resource” of a common man. 

What a common man needs to become rich?

  • Idea.
  • Masterplan.
  • Savings (from income). 

What is savings? Income minus expenses = Savings.

If expenses are high, savings will be limited. 

Becoming rich with limited savings is like impossible for common man. 

What we need is “excess savings”. 

What are excess savings? Minimum 50% of Income. 

Looks impossible? I told you, becoming wealthy is no piece of cake. But it is not impractical. 

There are reports which says:

  • We earn? 100%.
  • We spend? 90%.
  • What we need to survive? 35% (possible savings 65%).

What is the point? We often overspend, and as a result our savings are way less than necessary. 

Yes, if idea is to create wealth, we must first save heavily (leading a “minimalistic life”).

#2. Minimalists are not poor…

Jack was convinced that he will lead a minimalistic life.

But for a common man, there are several problems with this approach.

Low Standard of LivingBought a 1BHK home.Colleagues bought bigger homes
Low Standard of LivingTravelled by public transport.Colleagues bought Cars
Limited Social LifeLess of shopping, parties, entertainmentMore Shopping, Parties, Entertainment

Jack was leading a lifestyle which was less flamboyant than his colleagues/friends.

Visibly, Jack was looking poor as compared to others.

But Jack was convinced that this way it is better. Why?

This small infographic will explain it clearly. 

How to create wealth from nothing -1

What the above infographic is showing? Following:

  • Jack has less expenses. 
  • Jack is saving more. 
  • Hence, Jack’s wealth is growing faster.

This also explains Jacks psychology of staying-put to minimalism, even if he was visibly looking poorer than his colleagues.

I am sure that, Jack must be making a similar chart in his head.

What this chart reconfirms Jack?

Even though you look poor, you are creating wealth multiple times faster than your colleagues.” 

But staying strong like Jack is practical?

In the initial days it might be tough for Jack.

But from the moment “wealth-tower starts to grow taller”, self-control goes on autopilot. 

From this point forward, rest is easy and like “dreams coming true” (one by one).

#3. Development of ideas…

On one side, Jack has made sure that he will maximise his monthly savings. 

But what he will do with these savings? How to convert these savings into wealth?

This is where the need of “ideas, research and reporting” comes into play. 

What is the “idea”?

Idea about how to “invest” savings to buy “assets”. 

Two new keywords to note: Asset & Invest. 

What are assets? What is investing?

Spending money to buy grocery is called “necessary expense”. 

Spending money to buy assets is called “investment”. 

Both are acts of spending money. But in expense, money is lost forever.

Though investment is also spending, but it differs from our traditional expenses. How?

Even in investment, the money gets spent. But it is not lost. It has just changed its form.

Earlier the money was in form of “cash”. After investment, the money is in the form of “asset”. 

What are assets? 

“Assets” generate “net positive cash flow” for its investors.

To know what it means by net positive cash flow and assets, read this.

So coming back to ideas…

What was the idea of Jack to create wealth?

Jack’s way of becoming wealthy was through, “investment in assets”.

Which assets he likes to buy? His idea was to invest in the following:

  • Real Estate. 
  • Stocks.
  • Debt Funds. 
  • Cash. 

But why Jack was investing in so many different assets?

Because it is necessary. This way he can manage the risks associated with investment.

To know more risk management and ideal investment portfolio mix, read this. 

#4. Ultimate Goal…

No matter how good are the ideas and the implementation plan, more important is to reach the ultimate goal.

What is the goal? Creation of wealth from nothing…

But for a layman, what it means by wealth creation?

Wealth creation is a way of “Independent income generation”.

Keyword is “independence”.

Lets see another infographics to understand the type of “independence” I am talking about:

How to create wealth from nothing -2

Income generated from job is independent income? No. 

Income generated from asses is independent income? Yes. Why?

Because it is a form of “passive income”.

Passive income is that form of income which will continue to yield even if one is not working for it. 

To know more about passive income, read this…


Is it possible to create wealth from nothing? Yes. 

In fact, wealth created form nothing, in an ethical way, is the one which has better sustainability.

How to create wealth?

  • Look inward. Talk to self. 
  • Generate ideas.
  • Do research on ideas.
  • Prepare a report (plan).
  • Keep enough savings in place.
  • Invest savings as per plan. 
  • Generate more passive income.

These are few rudimentary ideas, which we common men can use for wealth creation.

I hope it helps the cause.

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