Shares or Mutual Funds? Which is a Better Investment Vehicle For Common People?

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Investors, especially beginners, often ponder whether shares or mutual funds will be a better investment vehicle? This question actually carries more weight than it sounds. To really answer this question completely, one will need to write a whole book. But for me, the challenge is to wrap this topic within this blog post. Hence I’ll […]

PEG Ratio: A Combination of PE & PEG To Value Indian Stocks

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PEG ratio is a useful valuation metric for stock investors. Potential investors can use it to gauge if a stock is overvalued or undervalued. PEG is a ratio which establishes a correlation between company’s price valuation with its future growth prospects (see here). We are more conversant with the use of P/E ratio (Price to Earnings […]

Oversubscribed IPO: What happens when IPO is Oversubscribed [India]

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What it means when we see an oversubscribed IPO? In an IPO, when the demand for shares of a company overshoots its supply, it is referred as ‘oversubscription’. Let’s see an example: On 2nd-Dec’19, bids for Ujjivan Bank’s IPO was requested. Total number of shares offered for subscription (supply) was 12.40 crore numbers. Total numbers […]

Analysis of Lupin Share Price – Must Watch

Lupin Limited (BSE:500257) is an Indian Pharma stock. In terms of Market Cap, Lupin Ltd is the 5th largest stock after Sun Pharma, Cadila, Cipla and Piramal. Lupin Limited is also among the Top 100 stocks of Indian stock market in terms of Market Capitalization. Lupin currently ranks as high as 64 in list of […]

How Enterprise Value Is Different From Market Capitalisation?

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What is Enterprise Value for Private Company and how investors use it for their purpose? Enterprise value calculation is one of the ways to value a company. People often ponder about how to value a company. Enterprise value provides quick answer. Calculating enterprise value is easy. Value of market capitalisation is easily available online. We […]

How to Buy Stocks of Overseas Companies

Who would not love to buy stocks of overseas companies. But is it possible to buy one? Stocks of companies like Google, Microsoft, Apple are dream buys for any investor. But not many people know how to buy their stocks sitting back in India. The success story, and growth prospects of companies like Apple, Google, […]

LIC Investment Portfolio

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All in all LIC investment portfolio worth is approx. Rs 8lakh crore. There is a plan to add stocks worth Rs 60,000 Crore in 2013 in LIC investment portfolio. LIC is committed to invest almost 20% of its portfolio in stock market. It is point worth noting that in May’2011, LIC invested nearly Rs 5 […]

About Book Value of Shares: How to Use it for Stock Investing?

Book Value - Forecasting BVPS Growth

Book value of shares gives us a ‘rough idea’ about the stock’s ‘true value‘ (Book value & other details of top Indian stocks). What is true value? True value is that price of a stock, which an investor must pay to buy it. But why book value gives only a rough idea? Because it considers […]

Google Finance Investment Portfolio Tracker for Indian Stocks (using Google Sheets)

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Till Nov’2017, Google Finance provided excellent tools for portfolio tracking and stock screening. But Google decided to discontinue this service since then. If you want to know about the discontinued features of Google Finance, you can read this blog post. People like me were a die-hard fan of Google Finance’s stock screener. I used to […]

What is the Intrinsic Value Formula? Try this Online Calculator [Ben Graham]

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Intrinsic value formula can help one to estimate ‘fair value’ of stocks. But why to bother about ‘intrinsic value’? Why not simply buy stocks at an available market price? Because stocks will be profitable only if one buys them at a price below its intrinsic value. In fact, Benjamin Graham (The Guru to Warren Buffett) […]