Whether Investment in Ola Uber Cab is Profitable?

One of my friend asked me this question, whether investment in Ola Uber Cab is a profitable business prospect? We had no idea of how Ola Uber cab drivers made money. Read more about how to build an alternative income source. So we thought to do some research work. I this I article, we will […]

What should be the thought process of investing 10 lakh Rupees [India]?

How To Invest 10 Lakh Rupees Wisely - Image

How to invest 10 lakh rupees in India? We are dealing with a big lump-sum amount here. Hence, it is better to proceed with caution. Idea should be to generate the ‘expected returns‘ with a “reasonable risk of loss” associated with it. It is important to understand the following concepts before proceeding: Expected Returns: Example: […]

How to Build Assets? What is the Process of Asset Creation?

How to build assets - image

Introduction: There are easy ways to build assets with little money. But less people in this world can build assets. Why, what is the problem? The problem is that, people do not know the process and importance of asset building. Hence it gets ignored. [Also check this free online Net Worth Calculator.] What one must […]

Improve financial position by 28 years of age?

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How to improve financial position of self before one turns 28? The age of 28 years is important in India. This is the age bracket at which people start planning to get married and have a family. This is the age where building a strong financial position should become a priority. Generally this initiative is taken by […]