10 Good Money Habits That Can Change Lives

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The year 2020 was tough (COVID-19). The second wave in the year 2021 seems to be even more lethal. During these times, people have realized that good money habits can prove to be saviors. Whenever humanity comes under stress, people tend to resort to basics. Food, shelter, health, family takes priority. But to better manage […]

50/30/20 Budgeting Rule – Follow this rule to build an expense budget

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I’m a firm believer of the concept of tracking all expenses. If financial independence is the ultimate goal, then tracking expenses is first step which can lead us there. 50/30/20 budgeting rule is the foundation based on which the expense tracking tool will work. If you need to improve your personal finance, then start with […]

Money Management: How Common Men Should Handle Money?

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“What is the need of money management; after all we earn money only to spend it one day”. I was trying to be ironic. But I’m also sure that many will not find my statement ‘wrong‘. Read more about paycheck to paycheck lifestyle. Most of us actually earn money only to support our expenses of […]

Systematic Transfer Plan (STP): Way To Invest Lump Sum Money [Mutual Fund]

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Systematic Transfer Plan (STP) is a useful tool like Systematic Investment Plan (SIP). SIP has become a synonym for mutual fund investing. People prefer buying mutual fund units through SIP route. Hence these days, it is not necessary to explain the meaning and purpose of SIP to people. But the concept of Systematic Transfer Plan (STP) […]

Overspending: How To Stop Overspending Money [Financial Calculator]

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When I first asked myself ‘how to stop overspending money’, I did not realise that answering this question will be so difficult. [What helped: My financial planning calculator]. Why its answer was ‘difficult’? Because it required some ‘deep thinking’. Why?Because overspending is caused more due to psychological limitations. When we spend more, it is kind […]

How to Invest Money: The Thought Process Necessary To Invest Wisely [2021]

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The challenge of answering how to invest money is quite daunting. Why? Because our ‘future financial well-being’ is at stake. Hence figuring out how to invest becomes a challenge. So investing money is daunting, challenging, and things are at stake. Am’I trying to solve a problem or raising fear? Sorry for my ‘tone’, but I […]

How to create wealth from nothing?

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How to create wealth from nothing? The stress is on the word “nothing”. Why? Because if one knows how to create wealth from “nothing”, doing the same with “help of something” will be easier, right? But there is a point about wealth creation that needs understanding at the outset. What is it? Wealth creation is […]

What is the best way to invest money in India?

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What is the best way to invest money? For we common men, practicing need based investing is the best way. Why? Because it gives purpose to our investment. A purposeful investment often yields better returns. How need based investing is different? In need based investing we are actually integrating the ‘power of investment’ with our […]

Invest to Earn Capital Appreciation & Income Generation

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Why people invest money? People mainly invest their hard earned money to earn capital appreciation. Majority take investing to earn double digit capital appreciation. In India, one can expect to earn capital appreciation, in long term, at growth rate of about 16% per annum. But there are people who do not invest money only for […]

Where to Park Money Idling in Savings Account?

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Where to park money idling in savings account? Savings accounts offer to low interest. Better is to invest it elsewhere. Where do you keep your savings? Majority do it in savings account. What are the alternatives available? Recently I came across a friend who works as a priority manager for a Bank. He handles variety […]

Robert Kiyosaki and Investment Income

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According to Robert Kiyosaki, not anyone can generate investment income. One must first build mindset of an investor to start generating investment income Investment income¬†generation starts with saving money. Saving money is as difficult as investing money. It takes maturity and perseverance to accumulate savings. People are psychologically drawn in the habit of needless spending. […]