Why The ‘Idea of Business’ is More Financial Independence Compatible Than A Job?

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I’ve published an article called how to become rich. It talks about the process of becoming rich by investing. If we can also add an idea of business to the process, the ultimate objective of becoming financially independent will become easier. How? This is what we will learn in this article. If one wants to attain financial independence in life, then […]

Retirement Planning: A comprehensive guide about how to do it [Calculator]

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Retirement planning is important. Why? Because this is what is going to give us financial independence after we’ve retired from our jobs/work. The planning will ensure the availability of the required fund when it’s time to retire. In India, majority service-class retired people depend on annuity to take care of their cash flow needs post-retirement. […]

Become Debt Free: A Plan To Get Out of Debt Quickly [NOW]

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When you’ll Google the term “become debt free“, the search result will also display a query: “is it good to be debt free?“ This dichotomy related to debt has remained since ages. Why? For Banks, NBFC’s, government, and employers – loan (debt) strapped, EMI paying people are an asset. Hence they publicise debt as a […]

Financial Independence: A Definitive Guide To Achieve It In Stages

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What is financial independence? It is a state where ones assets generate enough passive income to pay for the required expenses of life. People also mention this state of independence as financial freedom. In this state of independence, people need not work (do a job) to earn income. What they rely on is effortless automatic […]

Early Retirement: How to Retire Early From Job [Now]

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From starting days in my job, I began searching answers for early retirement. It took me close to 16+ years to finally retire from my job. At the point of my retirement, I was 40+. How I did it? Why I did it? How you too can plan and retire early from job? Probably these […]

Benefits of Budgeting and Tracking Expenses

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One of the most underrated activity is ‘expense management’. We tend to focus more on income generation, and less on ‘managing expenses’. Why? [Read: About an Excel based tool which can budget & track expenses] The reason is perhaps simple. We tend to give more importance to things which are harder to get. Earning Money: […]

Building Financial Literacy The Kiyosaki & Dave Ramsey’s Way…

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It is essential to build ones financial literacy. Why? Because in todays world almost every human activity is in some ways dependent on money. We need money to get access to even bare necessities of life like food, clothing, and shelter. Our spending needs, does not stop with necessities only. We also need money for […]

How to create wealth from nothing?

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How to create wealth from nothing? The stress is on the word “nothing”. Why? Because if one knows how to create wealth from “nothing”, doing the same with “help of something” will be easier, right? But there is a point about wealth creation that needs understanding at the outset. What is it? Wealth creation is […]

DIY Personal Financial Overhaul

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Who need to read this DIY personal finance overhaul article? People whose finance is in a mess. Financial health of these people are so bad that even a financial doctor would not be able to help them. Why? Because such people do not realise that they need help. They think that they are leading a […]

How can a salaried person become rich?

Mostly it is the business men who become richer than others. But how can a salaried person become rich? Smart business men tend to become rich more frequently than salaried people. Yes, the keyword to become rich is “smart”. One need to handle ones paycheck (income) smartly. Smart and rich business men tend to handle their […]