Invest or Prepay The Home Loan? Which is the wiser alternative for people?

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If you are in a dilemma about whether to invest or prepay the home loan using your spare cash, then you are not alone. This dilemma happens to a majority of people. When people climb-up the income ladder, they begin to generate more free cash. If the focus is on improving one’s financial health, wise […]

Become Debt Free: A Plan To Get Out of Debt Quickly [NOW]

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When you’ll Google the term “become debt free“, the search result will also display a query: “is it good to be debt free?“ This dichotomy related to debt has remained since ages. Why? For Banks, NBFC’s, government, and employers – loan (debt) strapped, EMI paying people are an asset. Hence they publicise debt as a […]

Financial Independence: A Definitive Guide To Achieve It In Stages

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What is financial independence? It is a state where ones assets generate enough passive income to pay for the required expenses of life. People also mention this state of independence as financial freedom. In this state of independence, people need not work (do a job) to earn income. What they rely on is effortless automatic […]

Debt is Good or Bad for Company?

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How to know if more debt is good or bad for company? On a personal front, an individual must always try to live a debt free life. But debt for a company, may not be bad. Sure, debt is not apt for all companies. But for some, debt acts like a leverage. For such companies, debt helps to […]

How to improve credit score without debt?

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Let me give you the answer straight away. There is no way one can build or improve credit score without debt. Though there is a small compromise possible. But I will disclose it at the end of this article. But before that allow me to share my concept about “credit score” first. I know, you started to […]

Why not to use credit card?

Do you use credit card? Yes? Do you know why not to use credit card? Read further to know more. This article is written for whom? It targets those people who think using credit card is wise. Why they think so? They think that using credit card is great because of the following 3 reasons: Reward points– […]

Home Loan Transfer to SBI – How to do it?


SBI provides home loan at most attractive interest rates. Yuvraj wanted his home long transfer to SBI. He did some study and here are his findings. Yuvraj carries home loan of Axis Bank. He was paying interest at rate of 10.75% on his home Loan. He saw that State Bank of India (SBI) is offering […]

Which is better: home loan prepayment to reduce EMI or tenure?

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Paying home loan EMI’s month-after-month is a burden. How to reduce home loan EMI? By making loan ‘prepayment‘. What is prepayment? It is an extra payment made to ones home loan account in addition to the EMI. How prepayment helps? It reduces the loan outstanding faster. But while one is making the prepayment, bank will […]

How much money do I need to retire from job: How to Calculate?

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When I was 25, I was already dreaming about financial independence. On one side, my father was enjoying his job even when close to retirement, while I was considering it (retirement) at the outset itself. Read more about how to be financially independent. [Check at the bottom of this post to know, where to invest […]

What happens if personal loan is not paid in India?

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What happens if personal loan is not paid? Is there a punishment for non payment of personal loan? Will the defaulter go to jail straight away? There will be hooliganism displayed at the defaulters front door by the Banks? What are the bank loan recovery rules? A person who is under stress due to non-repayment of […]

Improve financial position by 28 years of age?

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How to improve financial position of self before one turns 28? The age of 28 years is important in India. This is the age bracket at which people start planning to get married and have a family. This is the age where building a strong financial position should become a priority. Generally this initiative is taken by […]