Present Value Concept: How To Use It In Evaluating Investments?

Present Value Formula - image

What is the present value concept? Suppose a person invested Rs.1.0 crore in a real estate property. It will be a good investment if he gets back his invested amount, with some surplus (see this example). A simple example. Suppose, the investment (Rs.1.0 Crore) was made today. If the person gets back Rs.1.2 Crore after […]

Discounted Cash Flow (DCF): How to use it for Stock Valuation?

Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) - New Image

[Updated] Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) method is a better way of intrinsic value calculation. The DCF model is derived from a concept called Net Present Value (NPV). Why Intrinsic Value is required? Because based on it, one can judge if the stock is fairly priced or not. DCF method is not an easy way of doing price […]

Earning Power Value (EPV) Method of Stock Valuation

Earning Power Value (EPV) Method -image

Earning Power Value (EPV) method of stock valuation was developed by Bruce Greenwald. At the outset EPV may give an impression that it uses a too simplistic approach to value stocks. But when I went into its calculations, its phenomenally detailed and good. I was really impressed with the person who developed such a concept. Who is […]