Fundamental Analysis: How To Read a Balance Sheet Report?

How to read and analyze balance sheets of companies for investments

This is in a series of articles that will highlight the process of fundamental analysis. In this section, we will learn how to read a balance sheet report and also understand the business it represents. Out of the three financial reports, perhaps the balance sheet is one of the most important reports of all. Why? Because it gives […]

How to create wealth from nothing?

How to create wealth from nothing -image1

How to create wealth from nothing? The stress is on the word “nothing”. Why? Because if one knows how to create wealth from “nothing”, doing the same with “help of something” will be easier, right? But there is a point about wealth creation that needs understanding at the outset. What is it? Wealth creation is […]

How much money do I need to retire from job: How to Calculate?

How much money is enough to retire at 45 - image

When I was 25, I was already dreaming about financial independence. On one side, my father was enjoying his job even when close to retirement, while I was considering it (retirement) at the outset itself. Read more about how to be financially independent. [Check at the bottom of this post to know, where to invest […]

Difference between Income and Wealth

Difference between Income and wealth -image

How many of us consider income and wealth as one and the same thing? My best guess is, majority. But income and wealth are not the same. They are not the synonyms of each other. Though it is true that income and wealth share common boundaries, hence their functionality can be confused. To understand the […]