Swagbucks India: A Way to Earn Money Online [Now]

This article is about how one can earn money online in India using Swagbucks. As on date, I’ve earned about 19,700 SB’s which is equivalent to about Rs.12,000 Indian Rupees (check my Swagbucks earning details)

In Year 2016 and I was new to Swagbucks.

Today in 2021, I’m still hooked to Swagbucks. Why?

Because it does work in India. When I say it work’s, I mean, it really pays.

It will not be an overstatement to say that Swagbucks can earn decent pocket money.

Swagbucks India - Earn Money Online - Get Started

This article will tell you everything about Swagbucks…

1. My Start…

One fine day I received an introductory email about Swagbucks.

Swagbucks India - GOT EMAIL

In their email they mentioned a blog called moneysavingexpert which I’ve admired.

As they set the tone well, I requested them to “tell me more about Swagbucks”.

This article will say, what I’ve learnt about Swagbucks till date.

2. What is Swagbucks?

Swagbucks is a website which has its own Reward Program for its users.

What is this reward program?

Swagbucks says it like this (I quote):

“It gives you free gift cards and cash for the everyday things you already do online”


What we generally do online?

We mostly search, watch videos, read, shop, do some activity online, right?

Swagbucks says, while you are doing these activities, you can also earn Swagbucks Points (called SB’s).

3. How Swagbucks Pay?

Users earn points (SB’s) on Swagbucks.com.

When few points (SB’s) gets accumulated, the user can redeem it online.

Upon redemption, you will get money in two forms:

  1. Gift Cards: These days SB’s can be converted into Croma Gift cards (Vouchers). Any Croma users can use these gift vouchers to buy products. Learn more about gift cards.
  2. PayPal: Points (SB’s) can also be converted in US Dollars. The converted US dollar will go into your PayPal account. If one does not have a PayPal account, it can be opened for free. Once the dollars are in PayPal Account, it will be automatically credited into the linked Indian Bank account within 48 hours. The money will be credited in Indian Rupees. Learn more about gift cards.

4. How much is 1 SB in Rupees?

It depends on how the points (SB’s) are redeemed.

On an average 1SB is equal to Rs.0.6.

Swagbucks-India-SB-to-Gift-Voucher-US-Dollar 20210530

But these days, the redemption rates offered on Croma and PayPal is better than the past averages.

Croma: 1SB = Rs.0.625

Redemption rate offered on PayPal is even better.

PayPal: 1SB = Rs.0.699 (This is after all deduction made over exchange rate conversions etc)

PayPal does not charge any money for the money transfer into bank account. See what PayPal says about in on its website…

Swagbucks India - PayPal Transfer Charges

5. Sign-up on Swagbucks?

Signing-up on Swagbucks is quick and free.

Swagbucks India - Sign up

One has to just enter a valid email id and password to complete the sign-up process.

After confirming the email address, one is ready to go.

Soon after the email address is confirmed, Swagbucks immediately credits 20SB to ones account.

One can earn nearly 60SB in the first hour itself.

6. My Swagbucks Earnings

A real life example of what I’ve earned in Swagbucks is shown in the screenshot.


Most of earning is of referral in nature. Hence, it is not as fast as others.

But people who actually earn decent pocket money from Swagbucks do the following:

  • Answer surveys
  • Use Swagbucks Search.
  • Take part in daily polls.
  • Shop online etc.

7. Authenticity of Swagbucks

I’ve been managing my blogs since year 2008.

I’m a founder and full time blogger of #getmoneyrich.

I’ve been making online income since quite some time now.

So I know how fake can be the promises of online income. But Swagbucks is not fake.

It is completely authentic and it really pays to its users.

Swagbucks India - Paid to Users

Swagbucks is a global brand, with over 20 million active users in the UK, US, Canada, Ireland, Germany, India and Australia and 2.5 million followers on social media platforms.

Swagbucks has been around since 2008 and has an A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau, the leading consumer watchdog organisation.

8. Quick Tips: Income From Swagbucks [India]

Swagbucks USA & UK are a more advanced versions compared to Swagbucks India.

Why I say so? Because most of the features of Swagbucks are not active in India.

Here I’ll list those features which can earn SB’s in India:

8.1 Swagbucks Search

Swagbucks India - Search

You can earn SB points using Swagbucks Search.

What is Swagbucks Search? It is a Yahoo powered search engine.

I’ve also used this search engine for a long time now.

It will not be wrong to say that it not better than Google, but it works.

So why to use it? Because Swagbucks search can also earn you money.

Just go on searching using this search engine, and sometimes it will surprise you with SB points.

Swagbucks India - Search Own Example

Quick Tip: Make Swagbucks Search your default search engine.

How to do it? Follow these steps in Chrome:

Swagbucks India - Search Default Search Engine

8.2 Swagbucks Daily Poll

Swagbucks India - Daily Poll

Daily Poll is the easiest way to earn One (1) SB each day.

Just login to your Swagbucks Account. Look for the “Daily Poll” link in the left hand sidebar, and click it.

This will open Daily Poll page. It has a multiple type answer question.

Everyday one can answer one question (only), and earn 1 SB.

8.3 Swag Codes

Swagbucks India - Swag Codes

Every Swagbucks user can access Swag codes to earn SB’s.

How to get the Swag codes?

One can get these codes from the Facebook, Twitter Pages of Swagbucks.

Follow Swagbucks on social media and get notified every time they post such codes.

Once you get the Swag Code, redeem it by putting the code in the text field shown above.

Quick Tip: Download the Swagbucks Chrome Extension (called SwagButton). This SwagButton will notify you about Swag code by saying “Check Facebook”, “Check Twitter”, “Check Blog” etc.

8.4 Bonus Points (SB’s)

Swagbucks India - Bonus

Swagbucks rewards its regular users. How?

Each day Swagbucks sets a Goal for its users. If users meets their goals consistently, they are rewarded with bonus SB’s.


  • 25 SB’s Bonus: For 7 day consistent users.
  • 100 SB’s Bonus: For 14 day consistent users.
  • 200 SB’s Bonus: For 21 day consistent users.
  • 300 SB’s Bonus: For 31 day consistent users.

Quick Tip: To earn those 300 Bonus SB’s, make sure to reach your daily goals. This will eventually make you a 31 day consistent user.

8.5 Referral Program

This is a great way to earn SB’s (points). What is the process?

Swagbucks India - Referral

In the beginning, the referral program may not yield as many points as you may like.

But over time it can compound really fast.

How to refer Swagbucks to a friend?

On the top Menu bar click “Refer & Earn”

Swagbucks India - Referral2.1

Once you click it, you will be redirected to a new page. The page looks like this:

Swagbucks India - Referral

Send the email to your friend asking him/her to open an account with Swagbucks using the link in your email.

Quick Tips: It is always better to talk to your friend before sending the referral link. In a verbal chat, explain to your friend how pocket money can be earned (SB’s) using Swagbucks. Once they are convinced, send them your referral link by email.

8.6 Take Part in Surveys

Swagbucks India - Surveys

This is one of the most used feature of Swagbucks across the world (after shopping feature).

Unfortunately Shopping feature of Swagbucks is in a very nascent phase in India.

When I started using Swagbucks in 2016, most of the Surveys posted were not meant for Indian users.

Hence, after answering few questions – the users were getting disqualified.

But in 2019, more numbers of India relevant Surveys has come up.

There are three steps to complete a survey:

Swagbucks India - Surveys

How to select a survey?

In your Swagbucks Dashboard, a list of Surveys will always be available. Select anyone from the list to start.

On an average, a typical survey can earn you 30 SB’s or more.

It generally takes 20-30 minutes to complete a survey.

GoogleNews - GetMoneyRich

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Disclaimer: The information provided in my articles and products are for informational purposes only and should not be considered as financial or investment advice. Read more.

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  4. I’m new to swagbucks and i saw there’s an offer for cashback when we shop at certain websites. And I did but my swagbuck points are pending to be added to my a/c . how to do add the swagbuck points to my account?

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  6. This is bullshit!! I’m Indian and I’m was using swagbucks from a long time thinking that i can earn but at last it’s useless cause i tried to redeem my sb points for my paypal but it says we need to enter valid US phone number and like i said I’m from India it’s useless and waste of time cause Indian number won’t be accepted, so please stop spreading false doctrine before you prove us doing it from India. I know swagbucks is Genuine though.

    1. I have been using Swagbucks since 2016. It has already paid me several times. It has never asked for US phone number etc for verification. I am sure this is a unique case.

      I will suggest you to contact them here…https://help.swagbucks.com/hc/en-us.
      [Note: first login to your account and then use the “submit a Request” button at the top.]

      To get paid by swagbucks, I think using the Flipkart gift vouchers are better. Another alternative is to first create an account in PayPal India – and then use this login credentials for Swagbucks redemption

      1. I tried to participate in surveys… But after answering few queries it always says that im disqualified since no surverys are there in my location.

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