Basic Traits of Rich People

There are few basic traits of rich people that is lacking among common men.

What are they?

Rich people does things which we common people do not preach. But not all rich people are same.

It is very interesting to learn about these basic traits.

If we can implement these basic traits of rich people in our live, we can also become like them, right?

Here we will present to you most common habits seen in all rich people.

These habits are basic to character of any individual.

Irrespective of anyone’s present status, if followed to core, they can drastically improve the financial status of the person.

(1) Rich People Take More Risk

Common people like to play safe in life.

We often take route which are known and predictable.

But people who are rich today have dreaded to walk on risky and unknown paths in the past.

Risk taking capability becomes even more essential when one wants to achieve tougher financial goals.

Who are the richest people of the world today? Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, etc.

This list can be endless.

What is common among all these super rich people? All of them are business men.

There have ever been a name in this list of a person who plays safe and earn a fixed salary? Never.

So what does this mean?

To become rich, innovative idea, business acumen, and risk management becomes an essential trait.

When we talk about risk, it is essential that the risk is calculated.

People who are ignorant can take any amount of risk, but probably they will never become rich.

So, take risk, but it must be backed by know-how and detailed assumptions.

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(2) Rich People Maintain Healthy Habits

Healthy habits can make one rich? Yes, at least this is what study proves.

75% of all rich people does regular workouts (specially aerobics).

More exercise helps people to work more efficiently.

People who exercise has more positive and optimistic approach towards their lives.

This further helps them to take calculated risks.

Rich people also consume healthy diet. More than 70% of all rich people consume low calorie food.

Which only 3% poor people consume low calorie.

Though there is no direct relation, but study proves that poor people consume more junk foods.

Does it mean that people who eat junk food will remain poor?

Not necessarily, but junk food for sure make people obese and inefficient.

When it comes to making tones of money, efficient person can make a world of difference to his/her wealth.

A healthy person can spend long hours at work, but can also work way beyond their retirement years.

Generally people are earning maximum in their years close to retirement.

Healthy people can increase their work life by nearly a decade.

These days it is not rare to find a 70 years old person running a successful business.

(3) Rich People are Voracious Reader & Observer

Majority, self made, rich people are heavy readers.

You can throw any news paper or magazine at them and they will at least flip the pages from start to end.

Reading more and more only improves people observation.

People does not care about things that they don’t know about.

But people who read more, know something about anything.

This is what makes readers so observant.

Reading make people observant. In turn, observant people has more chances of becoming rich.

What gives the readers more chance of becoming rich?

Readers tend to pounce quicker on opportunities.

Opportunities comes and goes in every ones way.

But non-readers tend to reject them in ignorance.

As rich people are mostly well read and informed, they tend of identify opportunities better.

Well read rich people identifies more opportunities as compared to common people who read much lesser.

People who wants to become rich should start reading books on investing, stock analysis etc.

(4) Rich People follow goal with passion

Following a goal is essential to become rich.

This is what makes the biggest difference between a common man and a rich person.

Most people in this world lives a goal-less life. While self-made rich people are alway glued to their goal.

If we ask people a common man, why you work? Most expected reply will be, to make money.

If we ask the same question to a rich person, the answer will be ver different. Rich people works to build wealth.

For most rich people, earning money gets a lower priority.

What comes above everything is desire for wealth generation.

Here, important is to follow a goal.

The goal can be anything, but if idea is to become rich, a financially focused goal will help more.

It is not that another goals will not help. Even a painter can make tones of money.

A sportsman can make millions. An actor can be a billionaire.

A techie can also earn a lot more than a common man.

The point is to not lead a goal less life.

Have a goal and follow it with full passions.

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4 Responses

  1. Do we need to see examples of people who own these characters in our society in order that we own them too ?

  2. I have all the traits to be wealthy—-all my life——- yet——still the abundance is not flowing to me

  3. Excellent article!
    I would also like to add a few more traits of rich people that help them to become financially free. These are:-
    1. Find the social problem and come up with the solution
    2. Invest first and spend later
    3. Work on the long-term goal
    4. Work on a particular skill to become a master of it.
    5. Overcome Shyness
    6. Overcome the fear of rejection

    7. Avoid debts and spending within the limits

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