Stock Investment For Beginners – A Detail Guide [India]

I generally write about fundamental analysis of the business. I got this feedback that such articles are less helpful for the novice. They would prefer a more basic write-up that covers stock investment for beginners. So, I thought to give it a try in my writing style. Stocks trade in the stock market. So allow […]

Philip Fisher: The Investment Principles of This Great Investor

It will not be wrong to say that Philip Fisher was one of the first influencers who promoted the concept of fundamental analysis of companies. He also wrote a book called Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits way back in 1957. But the book is as relevant today as it was ground-breaking during its first publication. The focus […]

How To Build A Winning Stock Portfolio [India]

Knowledge about how to build a stock portfolio is perhaps as essential as the stock analysis itself. Though the former looks more daunting to me. There are processes and financial models (like DCF) in place, using which one can analyze a business. But when it comes to stock portfolio building, there is no established process. A portfolio that might look apt […]

Compare Indian Banks: A Quick Fundamental Analysis [2021]

Let’s compare Indian Banks to know which are the best banks and which are avoidable. Since 15th-Feb’21 nifty bank has corrected from 37,300 levels to 33,100 levels as of today (10-May’21). This is a correction of almost 11%. As an investor, people can use this correction as a buying opportunity. But we must also remember […]

Patience in Stock Investing: Mr. Market Rewards Investors Who can Wait

Patience in stock Investing - image2

Patience does not come naturally to people. It is a habit to develop. We often do things just for the sake of doing it. The same behavior reflects in people’s investment portfolios. If I may say, patience in stock investing is even rare.  It is no surprise why we like SIP Plans. It makes us feel good that […]

How To Identify Moat Companies – Having Strong Competitive Advantage

Identify Moat Companies - image

In our series of articles about stock basics, we talked about the economic moat of a company. A wider Moat gives an edge to the company over their rivals. Such companies operate with high margins. But how to identify moat companies? In our previous article, we’ve talked mainly about the qualitative factors that give moat to companies. But it is also […]

Quality of Management: How To Analyze A Company’s management?

Quality of Management - IMAGE2

Generally, when we analyze stocks, it is based on quantitative data. But everything about a company is not quantifiable. Judging the quality of a Management based on the numbers alone is not possible.  Hence, before digging into the numbers, starting stock research by just observing a company is considered good. What to watch in a company? We can look at the group […]

Competitive Advantage: Analyze a sector Using Porter’s Five Forces

Competitive Advantage - Image

A business that operates in an industry (sector) having fierce competition cannot display a competitive advantage. But a company dwelling as a monopoly (like Microsoft) will have an exceptional advantage. So, a sector with too many competitors in it is not good for its companies. As a customer, we would like to buy products of […]

Understanding A Company: Why It Is Essential For Stock Investors?

Understanding A Company - image

Understanding a company is essential before buying its stocks. Why? Because Stocks represent proportional ownership in a company. So, what is the utility of this information about stocks/business? Let’s understand this with an example. Consider yourself looking at two companies, Nestle India and Jet Airways. Former represents a healthy business, while the latter is languishing with […]

About Stock Market Distractions and How To Stay Focused While Investing?

Stock Market Distractions - Image

Stock market distractions can be very tricky. They can divert our focus from important to non-essential things. So, experts advise people to learn to distinguish between the noise and focus points. It is not difficult for beginners to lose track while dealing with stocks. Being aware of the potential distractions can keep the person on […]

Stocks Vs Other Investment Options – A Comprehensive Guide

Stocks vs Other Investment - Image

It is advisable to practice goal-based investing in our life. Few common financial goals can be like building retirement corpus, child’s future, et cetera. We may also require money to buy random things in life sometimes.  Needless to say that our monthly savings alone cannot help us meet these goals. We need to think out of the box. We […]

Analysis of Stocks Having Less Than Ten Years Financial Data [Mrs. Bector Food]

analysis of stocks - Image2

Analysis of stocks that are new in the market is not so simple. What is the problem? The analyst must make some assumptions. For the company which has 10-year records, the assumptions-list is much shorter.  Recently I met a friend who enquired me about the recent IPO (in Dec’2020) of Mrs. Bector Food. Someone advised […]