Understanding Investment Cycles: Insights from Howard Marks

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Let’s dive into the mind of Howard Marks to decipher the flows of investment cycles. Who is Howard Marks? He is an American investor, writer, and co-founder of Oaktree Capital Management. We will know about what Howard Marks describes as the underlying themes that shape market movements. It will give us insights and build our […]

Signs of A Market Crash – Look Our For These Warning Indicators

Value investors keep looking at the signs of a market crash. Why? Because they make more money during a crash than in normal times. It will not be an overstatement that they crave for the index to crash. Why? Because it is the time to buy the best shares. The indices move in cycles. There […]

Stock Market Failures: 3 Reasons Why Most Retail Investors Fail

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Today, why a discussion about the stock market failures is required? Today is 7-Sep-2021, and the Sensex has touched its all-time high of 58,500 points. Since the COVID crash of 2020, it rose from the lows of 27,600 to 58,500. The fall of Sensex was steep but the rise is more phenomenal. I’m sure people are enjoying this roller coaster ride. […]

About Stock Market Distractions and How To Stay Focused While Investing?

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Stock market distractions can be very tricky. They can divert our focus from important to non-essential things. So, experts advise people to learn to distinguish between the noise and focus points. It is not difficult for beginners to lose track while dealing with stocks. Being aware of the potential distractions can keep the person on […]

Day Trading: Approach To Intraday Trading for Beginners [Rules]

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This blog on day trading is neither a guide nor a reference of any kind. It is just an experience sharing article on how I practice intraday trading on personal capacity. Generally I love to buy stocks of fundamentally strong companies with intentions of holding them forever. So why I practice day trading? It will […]

Financial Market: Everything About Financial Market Explained in Simple Terms

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When we buy/sell stocks, this trade happens in a financial market. People trading in forex, derivatives, commodities etc do so in a financial market. Even our banks, insurance companies, mutual funds, pension trusts etc are a participant of financial market. In simple term, we can say that a “financial market” is a phrase used to […]

The Bear Market of 2018-19 Has Finally Arrived?

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What indicates the arrival of the bear market of 2018-19? Performance of indices in last 10 months. What has happened in last 10 months (Jan to Oct’18)? To understand this, we must look at the market of last 5 years. When I say market, we are using SENSEX as our indicator.  How the Sensex behaved […]

How Indian Financial Market is Structured?

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There was a time when India was primarily an agriculture based economy. But today the service sector and the manufacturing sector contributes to about 75% of India’s GDP. Today India is one of the fastest growing economies of the world. To sustain this kind of growth, a robust financial market is essential. A country which […]

What is Share Market? How does it work?

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What is share market? The main function of share market is to function as a source of capital for companies. Companies which wants to expand its business, can go to share market. In share market, ownership of company is sold to investors in form of stocks/shares. Individual stocks represent ownership of company subdivided into small units. […]