Sensex 30 Companies: Their Weightage in The Index [2022]

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The Indian stock market has two main indices, Sensex and Nifty-50. Sensex is the index of BSE and Nifty-50 is of NSE. Sensex has 30 number stocks as its constituents and Nifty has 50. In this article, we talk about Sensex 30 companies and their weightage in the Index.  In case you are interested to […]

How Beginners Can Use Index Investing To Invest In The Stock Market?

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Before we get into index investing, we must know about the stock index. An index highlights changes in the collective value of a group of stocks over time. It is an indicator that highlights the performance of the entire market or a specific portion of the market (sector, theme). If there is a group of stocks, like a portfolio, the price of its components is […]

How Sensex is Calculated?

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Since my early days of involvement in the stock market, I was intrigued by the number called Sensex (A BSE Index). I always wanted to know how Sensex is calculated. What is fascinating about Sensex is that, when it is rising or falling, almost all stocks (mainly good ones) seems to follow its trend. I started investing […]

Stock Market Correction: About Falling Share Market

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Stock market moves in cycles (up and down). Falling prices are almost a daily routine. So, in backdrop of this fact, what is a stock market correction? When stock market index falls by -10% or below, it can be termed as a “correction”. Stock market corrections are frequent, or it is a rare phenomenon? On […]