Why Invest in REITs And What options Are Available in India

REITs are a relatively new investment product for India. It was launched with Embassy REIT in Mar’2019. But for more mature markets like the USA and UK, REITs are in existence since the 1960s. In case you want to know more about what is REIT and its basics, I’ll suggest you kindly read this article […]

Stocks Vs Other Investment Options – A Comprehensive Guide

Stocks vs Other Investment - Image

It is advisable to practice goal-based investing in our life. Few common financial goals can be like building retirement corpus, child’s future, et cetera. We may also require money to buy random things in life sometimes.  Needless to say that our monthly savings alone cannot help us meet these goals. We need to think out of the box. We […]

Gold Investment: A Comprehensive Guide on How to Invest in Gold [India]

Gold Investment - image

What prompted people towards gold investment? There was a time When the gold standard was used to value currencies. Every paper currency issued had a value directly linked to gold. But in the 1970s, the US decided to shift from Gold Standard to Fiat Money. Thereon, gold became more of an investment vehicle than a […]

Property Investment: How To Invest In Real Estate In India For Beginners?

How To Invest In Real Estate - Project Launch

There are hundreds of people around who can share their property investment ideas with us. Almost everyone, at some stage in their life, has experienced a property dealing.  We’ve seen our parents, elder siblings etc buy a property. It has enriched our knowledge. Even listening about property dealing from friends also adds to our knowledge base. But nothing […]

“REIT India” is Finally A Reality in form of “EMBASSY REIT”

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“Embassy REIT” is India’s first Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT). It’s IPO has been issued on 18th-Mar’19, and will remain open till 20th-Mar’19. Through this IPO, Embassy REIT wants to raise capital worth Rs.47,500 million (Rs.4,750 Crore). I have already written few basics about REIT. I’ll suggest you to give a glance on it as […]

How home buyers can use RERA website to invest in good property?

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How the information stated in RERA website helps the potential home buyers? Before we go into those details I would like to say that the presence of RERA (a regulator) itself is a big “protection” for the home buyers. Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) acts as a regulator of the real estate sector in India. […]

How to Save Tax on Sale of Real Estate Property – Section 54?

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When a ‘capital asset‘ is sold for profit, income tax must be paid by the seller. We all know this, right? But the bigger question is, how to save tax on sale of real estate property. The answer lies within Section 54 of the income tax act. But section 54 is applicable only for long […]

How to Plan a Home Purchase?

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Why it is essential to plan a home purchase? Home is one among the biggest personal purchases one makes in a lifetime. Hence it is only prudent to plan it immaculately before committing any cost. Why immaculate planning is necessary? Because we are dealing with a lot of money here. In this article we will […]

Real Estate Investment Advantages and Disadvantages

Real Estate Investment Advantages and Disadvantages

Before committing to any real estate investment, it is essential to know its advantages and disadvantages. Experts love to invest in real estate. But why? What they know that probably we do not know at real estate investment? All investment options has their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Knowledge of this is essential to […]

Fastest Growing Cities in India in Term of Property Rates

Which are the fastest growing cities in India? It is a question which attracts lot of attention. But the problem with this question is, which parameter shall be used to ‘quantify fast growth’ of cities. To make it easy, I decided to use property rates as one yard stick. The city whose property rate is […]

Rent vs buy house decision explained with an Online calculator

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Rent vs buy a house decision is a dilemma that majority face while buying first home. It is one of the tough decisions of life. Why? Because when common men decide to buy a house, they are actually making a decision to lead a less-abundant lifestyle. Hence, along with money, buying a house also needs a […]

What is REIT India? Whether to Invest or Avoid?

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REIT is an acronym for Real Estate Investment Trust. REIT is basically a company which develops and own ‘income producing’ real estate properties. IPO of India’s first REIT was launched on 18-Mar’19. Shares of Indian REIT started trading from 01st April’19 in Bombay Stock Exchange. In the 3Q ending 31-Dec’2019, Embassy REIT has posted a […]