Realizations About Shares Portfolio: How To Build A Winner

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Stock market investing is not only about buying and selling stocks. After a stage, the investors begin to see the investments as a collection of stocks. Single stocks transform themselves into a shares portfolio. A stage comes when the investor starts to pay less attention to individual stocks. For him/her, more important is the present […]

How Beginners Can Use Index Investing To Invest In The Stock Market?

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Before we get into index investing, we must know about the stock index. An index highlights changes in the collective value of a group of stocks over time. It is an indicator that highlights the performance of the entire market or a specific portion of the market (sector, theme). If there is a group of stocks, like a portfolio, the price of its components is […]

How Sensex is Calculated?

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Since my early days of involvement in the stock market, I was intrigued by the number called Sensex (A BSE Index). I always wanted to know how Sensex is calculated. What is fascinating about Sensex is that, when it is rising or falling, almost all stocks (mainly good ones) seems to follow its trend. I started investing […]

How To Build A Winning Stock Portfolio [India]

Knowledge about how to build a stock portfolio is perhaps as essential as the stock analysis itself. Though the former looks more daunting to me. There are processes and financial models (like DCF) in place, using which one can analyze a business. But when it comes to stock portfolio building, there is no established process. A portfolio that might look apt […]

Investment Diversification: Take Less Risk, Earn High Returns

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Diversification: Including different types of non-related assets in portfolio is called investment diversification. It is a strategy to minimize the risk of loss in case of unpleasant price movements. Example: Suppose you bought stocks in the past for Rs.50,000. As on today, the price of this stock is down 5%. In the same period, you […]

Old Features of Google Finance Discontinued Since November 2017

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Google finance India was a great tool for individual investors in India. We did not had such excellent portfolio manager here. The best part was, it is absolutely free. But Google discontinued it from Nov’2017. Below is the blog post which highlights the key features of earlier version of Google Finance…. Till few years back I […]

LIC Investment Portfolio

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All in all LIC investment portfolio worth is approx. Rs 8lakh crore. There is a plan to add stocks worth Rs 60,000 Crore in 2013 in LIC investment portfolio. LIC is committed to invest almost 20% of its portfolio in stock market. It is point worth noting that in May’2011, LIC invested nearly Rs 5 […]

Google Finance Investment Portfolio Tracker for Indian Stocks (using Google Sheets)

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Till Nov’2017, Google Finance provided excellent tools for portfolio tracking and stock screening. But Google decided to discontinue this service since then. If you want to know about the discontinued features of Google Finance, you can read this blog post. People like me were a die-hard fan of Google Finance’s stock screener. I used to […]