Capture Ratio: It digs deeper into Mutual Fund’s Performance

Capture Ratio - image

Capture ratio is one of the most understandable financial-ratio in which we (small investors) can gauge a mutual fund’s return from a perspective. I’ll tell you how. We often pick mutual funds for investment based on their past returns. It is like evaluating a mutual fund based on only one parameter. Which is not enough, right? But […]

Low NAV Mutual Fund Does Not Mean Undervalued

Lowest NAV Mutual Fund - Image

Lowest NAV mutual fund means it is undervalued? No necessarily. One can earn higher return if one buys a good mutual fund at undervalued NAV. There is a difference between “undervalued NAV” and “lowest NAV”.  Low NAV does not necessarily mean the fund is undervalued. Lower NAV may be cheap for your pocket, but it […]