Capture Ratio: It digs deeper into Mutual Fund’s Performance

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Capture ratio is one of the most understandable financial-ratio in which we (small investors) can gauge a mutual fund’s return from a perspective. I’ll tell you how. We often pick mutual funds for investment based on their past returns. It is like evaluating a mutual fund based on only one parameter. Which is not enough, right? But […]

Direct Plan: Difference between Regular and Direct Plans of Mutual Funds

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There is a need for people to know about direct plan offered by mutual fund companies. What is the need? In good old days, mutual fund schemes could be sold to investors only through agents and distributors. Reason being, lack of penetration of internet into the Indian households, hence negligible online transactions. But today we […]

Sharpe Ratio: One can Use It To Pick Best Mutual Funds

Sharpe Ratio - What is it

Sharpe ratio is a measure of risk-adjusted returns generated by mutual funds. Looking at ‘returns’ through the filter of ‘risk’ is advisable for investors. What we need as an investor? High returns but at low risks, right.? Sharpe ratio is a tool which helps us to identify such mutual funds – which generates high returns […]

Systematic Transfer Plan (STP): Way To Invest Lump Sum Money [Mutual Fund]

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Systematic Transfer Plan (STP) is a useful tool like Systematic Investment Plan (SIP). SIP has become a synonym for mutual fund investing. People prefer buying mutual fund units through SIP route. Hence these days, it is not necessary to explain the meaning and purpose of SIP to people. But the concept of Systematic Transfer Plan (STP) […]

Mutual Fund Calculator: Estimate Monthly Contribution For Investment Growth

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You can check my mutual fund calculator here. It has been coded to help beginners to estimate ‘how much to invest’ for a financial goal. But why we need such a calculator? Why we cannot simply start a SIP in mutual funds based on our current savings? This way no calculation is necessary, right? Yes, […]

Mutual Fund Investment Basics: A Comprehensive Guide For Beginners [2021]

Advantages of mutual funds

If you are a beginner who wants to start a mutual fund investment, you have landed on the right page. In this mutual fund guide, we will try to cover all basics related to investment in general and about mutual funds.  Who should read this article? This piece is for anyone who wants to start serious investing but does […]

About “Focused Mutual Funds” and Sun Pharma Stock

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In this blog post I will talk about Focused Mutual Funds. So why I am referring to Sun Pharma stock here? Because it will help me explain the utility of focused mutual funds in a perspective. In last weeks, I read about Sun Pharma stock in a newspaper. They are considering that, this stock might […]

Small Cap mutual funds vs Mid Cap and Large Cap funds

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In this article, you can read an interesting study done on Small Cap mutual funds. Why small cap funds? Because it is a new exploration for me. I personally prefer to invest in stocks of big established companies. Why? Because such companies are less risky. They have a proven track record which makes them comparatively safer. But […]

ULIP vs Mutual Fund SIP, Which is Better Investment?

I am sure you must also have pondered that which is a better investment, ULIP vs Mutual Fund SIP? Unfortunately, not much reliable information is available on internet related to ULIP vs Mutual Fund SIP. In this article, what is presented is more from my personal experience I gathered while dealing with ULIP and mutual fund SIP. […]

Expense Ratio In Mutual Fund

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Expense ratio is one parameter that beginners must first watch in any mutual fund. Higher expense ratio is a cause of concern for investors. Expense ratio of 2.45% means, for every $100 invested, $2.45 goes to cover the mutual funds overheads. This money never gets invested. So from investors point of view, expense ratio indicates the […]