Pharma ETFs in India: Which Are The Best Pharmaceutical ETFs?

In the next 20-years investment horizon, one sector that stands out from the rest is Pharmaceutical. Though, as a whole, this sector is not as profitable, there are pockets of value. Stocks of a few companies stand out. But if direct stocks are not for you, pharma ETFs will do. The Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) […]

Best Sectors To Invest In The Indian Stock Market [2022]

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In this article, we’ll see an approach to identify the best sectors to invest in the Indian stock market. The good sectors are the ones that are intrinsically profitable. So, this analysis is totally based on the concept of profitability. The best sectors will be the ones that are most profitable. In this article, we’ll […]

Indian Stock Market Is Overvalued [2021]: How Laymen Can Verify The Valuation?

There is no doubt that Nifty and Sensex are trading at their all-time highs. For the last two days, from 19-Oct’21, the market is showing signs of correction. In days, the Nifty50 has fallen by about 2.5%. So, our stock market is overvalued or undervalued? People are waiting for a sizeable correction of the market. […]

Index Funds Vs ETFs: What is The Difference and Which is Better?

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First, I’ll explain what prompted me to explore the idea of index funds vs ETFs. Both are very similar products. But I wanted to know that for people like me, who like stocks, ETF is the first choice. But what is the logic behind this preference? I wanted to record it in black and white, hence […]

How Beginners Can Use Index Investing To Invest In The Stock Market?

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Before we get into index investing, we must know about the stock index. An index highlights changes in the collective value of a group of stocks over time. It is an indicator that highlights the performance of the entire market or a specific portion of the market (sector, theme). If there is a group of stocks, like a portfolio, the price of its components is […]

How Sensex is Calculated?

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Since my early days of involvement in the stock market, I was intrigued by the number called Sensex (A BSE Index). I always wanted to know how Sensex is calculated. What is fascinating about Sensex is that, when it is rising or falling, almost all stocks (mainly good ones) seems to follow its trend. I started investing […]

How to Build Ten Crores By Investing Money – A Systematic Approach

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The question, how to build ten crores by investment is vague. It only talks about the end goal. But how to reach there? That is what we will answer in this article. Also Read: How to become rich. Before we can answer the question, we will have to ask a few more questions to remove the vagueness. The […]

Timing The Market vs Time in The Market

We will learn about the importance of time in the market versus timing the market using index investing. The same theory will apply to a portfolio of stocks, a basket of fundamentally strong stocks. It only reiterates the significance of staying invested for a very long term, with examples. What does it mean by timing […]