Patience in Stock Investing: Mr. Market Rewards Investors Who can Wait

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Patience does not come naturally to people. It is a habit to develop. We often do things just for the sake of doing it. The same behavior reflects in people’s investment portfolios. If I may say, patience in stock investing is even rare.  It is no surprise why we like SIP Plans. It makes us feel good that […]

10 Good Money Habits That Can Change Lives

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The year 2020 was tough (COVID-19). The second wave in the year 2021 seems to be even more lethal. During these times, people have realized that good money habits can prove to be saviors. Whenever humanity comes under stress, people tend to resort to basics. Food, shelter, health, family takes priority. But to better manage […]

Which Are The Best Ways To Invest Money? The Approach of a Beginner

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I was surprised to note how incomplete is the information available around us about the ways to invest money. Most write-ups point us only to investment options and say nothing more about them.  People interested in knowing about the ways to invest money need more information. For example, stocks are an investment option. But how to invest in stocks? Readers would […]

Why Practicing Goal Based Investing is Essential For Small Investors?

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Investments cannot be effective until done with a purpose. Hence, experts always advise goal based investing. But let me ask a simple question. Why we generally invest money? Because it is the right thing to do.   Many people buy and sell investments without any specific purpose or goal in mind. For them, practicing investment is […]

Shares or Mutual Funds? Which is a Better Investment Vehicle For Common People?

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Investors, especially beginners, often ponder whether shares or mutual funds will be a better investment vehicle? This question actually carries more weight than it sounds. To really answer this question completely, one will need to write a whole book. But for me, the challenge is to wrap this topic within this blog post. Hence I’ll […]

How to Build Ten Crores By Investing Money – A Systematic Approach

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The question, how to build ten crores by investment is vague. It only talks about the end goal. But how to reach there? That is what we will answer in this article. Also Read: How to become rich. Before we can answer the question, we will have to ask a few more questions to remove the vagueness. The […]

Direct Plan: Difference between Regular and Direct Plans of Mutual Funds

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There is a need for people to know about direct plan offered by mutual fund companies. What is the need? In good old days, mutual fund schemes could be sold to investors only through agents and distributors. Reason being, lack of penetration of internet into the Indian households, hence negligible online transactions. But today we […]

Systematic Transfer Plan (STP): Way To Invest Lump Sum Money [Mutual Fund]

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Systematic Transfer Plan (STP) is a useful tool like Systematic Investment Plan (SIP). SIP has become a synonym for mutual fund investing. People prefer buying mutual fund units through SIP route. Hence these days, it is not necessary to explain the meaning and purpose of SIP to people. But the concept of Systematic Transfer Plan (STP) […]

Annuity: All About Annuity in Retirement Portfolio [Plan]


What is annuity? It is an investment product for retired people. Only after retirement, a person can get the benefits of annuity. Annuity is purchased to generate guaranteed regular income. The frequency of income generated by annuity can be monthly, quarterly, semi annually or annually (depending on selection). Is annuity a life insurance? Annuity is […]

Best Investment Strategy: The Definitive Guide [2021]

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You will like the investment strategy shared in this blog post. Why? Because it is simple to understand, and also useful. Why simple? Because you can visualize all steps involved in the process of investing. Why useful? Because its simplicity will trigger you to start investing from today. [Read: A definitive guide on saving money…] […]

How a Beginner can start investing money? What is the Investment Process?

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When I was in my mid-twenties, my father advised me to start investing money. Hence, he helped me to buy my first life insurance endowment plan. In later years, I started buying mutual funds regularly through SIP route on my own. This is the way majority invest money, right? There is nothing wrong with this […]