Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR): Deeper Understanding and Interpretation of SGR

Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) is the growth rate that a firm’s current profit levels can sustain on its own (Self financeable growth). Suppose a company’s SGR comes out to be 8% per annum. It means the company can grow its sales, profit, share price at this rate just by reinvesting its earnings. For such a […]

Self-financeable Growth (SFG) – How Fast A Company Can Grow On Its Own?

Here is the concept of self-financeable growth. I first read about it on Harvard Business Review (HBR). The write-up was interesting. Hence I thought to write about it, in my words, for my readers. How I landed up on HBR? Recently Indian stock market is buzzing with IPO’s. Most of the IPO’s attracted the attention of […]

How to predict if a stock will go up or down [Beginners Guide]

How to predict if a stock will go up or down - Image

Ask common men, they will say that – stock’s price goes down more than it goes up. 🙂 Why do we think like this? Because we don’t know how to predict if a stock will go up or down. This is not only our problem, even experts of the stock market face a similar dilemma. […]

Fastest Growing Cities in India in Term of Property Rates

Which are the fastest growing cities in India? It is a question which attracts lot of attention. But the problem with this question is, which parameter shall be used to ‘quantify fast growth’ of cities. To make it easy, I decided to use property rates as one yard stick. The city whose property rate is […]