Stocks Vs Other Investment Options – A Comprehensive Guide

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It is advisable to practice goal-based investing in our life. Few common financial goals can be like building retirement corpus, child’s future, et cetera. We may also require money to buy random things in life sometimes.  Needless to say that our monthly savings alone cannot help us meet these goals. We need to think out of the box. We […]

Gold Investment: A Comprehensive Guide on How to Invest in Gold [India]

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What prompted people towards gold investment? There was a time When the gold standard was used to value currencies. Every paper currency issued had a value directly linked to gold. But in the 1970s, the US decided to shift from Gold Standard to Fiat Money. Thereon, gold became more of an investment vehicle than a […]

What is E-Gold Investment in India?

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We know how gold is an investment vehicle. But what is e-gold? All over the world the commodity market is dominated by precious metals like Gold and Silver. In India in year 2010, National Spot Exchange introduced E-Gold. The biggest benefit of E-Gold is that it allows investors to invest in gold with much lower […]

Price of Gold and Stock Market Correlation

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When gold price is up, stock is down. Is there a correlation between price of gold and stock market? Gold is often referred as safe investment heaven. But when we refer gold as ‘safe’ we are talking about safety with respect to what? Gold works as a safety cushion for investors against stock market. We […]