Index Funds Vs ETFs: What is The Difference and Which is Better?

Index Funds vs ETFs - Image

First, I’ll explain what prompted me to explore the idea of index funds vs ETFs. Both are very similar products. But I wanted to know that for people like me, who like stocks, ETF is the first choice. But what is the logic behind this preference? I wanted to record it in black and white, hence […]

Gold Investment: A Comprehensive Guide on How to Invest in Gold [India]

Gold Investment - image

What prompted people towards gold investment? There was a time When the gold standard was used to value currencies. Every paper currency issued had a value directly linked to gold. But in the 1970s, the US decided to shift from Gold Standard to Fiat Money. Thereon, gold became more of an investment vehicle than a […]

How Low Trading Volume of ETFs is not a Problem?

Trading Volume of ETFs

Why investors should be concerned (or not concerned) about the low trading volume of ETFs? Let me give you a history about the origin on this question. The average trading volumes (30 day) of few stocks as on 03rd-Aug’18 are as below (in NSE): TCS: 37,63,490 nos shares. RIL: 90,05,800 nos shares. HDFC Bank: 26,59,164 […]

Are Debt Funds Good for small investors?

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Are debt funds good investment vehicle for small investors? If you would have asked this question me few years back, my answer would had been no. But now, I will advice my readers to include debt funds in investment portfolio. In this article I will share my personal realisations about debt funds. In India, people […]