Free Cash Flow (FCF) – Formula, Calculation & Types

Free Cash Flow - Image

Free cash flow (FCF) is more valuable than the net profit (PAT) of a company. We will see how. To understand it, we will use a hypothetical example and calculate the free cash flow for an individual. Suppose you won a prize in a car rally. The gift is payable in cash worth Rs.5,00,000. But […]

What to Look Inside Financial Statements of Companies?

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To do fundamental analysis of companies, it is important to look inside financial statements. There are three types of financial statements: The balance sheet, profit & loss accounts, and cash flow statement. These three documents has loads of numbers inside them. What a beginner should look for inside these reports? We will know about it […]

The Rule of Debit and Credit Transactions: Examples

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Understanding of Debit and Credit transactions is essential for accountants. But these days, “this rule” is taught even to Business Schools. Debit and Credit transactions are used for accounts management of company. It is also known as “double entry system“. Why double-entry system is called so? As the name suggests, every transaction is recorded in journal at […]

How to Record Balance Sheet Transactions: Examples

Every balance sheet transactions recorded by the company, alters its Balance sheet. For investors, it is interesting to understand balance sheet transactions of companies. Though the understanding of balance sheet transactions is not essential, but its knowledge helps. It will greatly help value investors to read and interpret companies financial reports. When I started learning about balance sheet […]