Universal Principles of Money – They can help build wealth

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Managing and handling money is not as simple as earning, spending, and saving. There are a few universal principles of money management that must also be followed. Each individual is unique, hence one’s way of handling money may not work for the other. This is where the universal principles become handly. Everyone can follow the […]

How To Identify Good Stocks: Stock Picking Explained For Beginners

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There are only a couple of ways to identify good stocks for investing. Either we can do it ourselves or let the experts do it for us. But a piece of expert advice has a cost. Moreover, experts may not be available for people like us who can invest only a few thousand each month. Furthermore, whom we […]

Building an investment portfolio from scratch

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How to start building an investment portfolio from scratch?  This looks like a logical question for beginners, right? But even experienced investors can take clues from here.  People who have not built their investment portfolio till date, how they can go about it? These are people who are busy doing 9-6 job. They do not […]