A Philosophy of Investment Portfolio Building: Converting Savings Into Wealth

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Savings + Investment Portfolio + Philosophy = Wealth Accumulation A high-rise building stands on a strong foundation. If wealth is like a high-rise building, then what is its foundation? There are three constituents: (a) savings, (b) investment portfolio, and (c) knowledge of the philosophy of wealth building. It is a common belief that high income […]

Why The ‘Idea of Business’ is More Financial Independence Compatible Than A Job?

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I’ve published an article called how to become rich. It talks about the process of becoming rich by investing. If we can also add an idea of business to the process, the ultimate objective of becoming financially independent will become easier. How? This is what we will learn in this article. If one wants to attain financial independence in life, then […]

How To Become Rich: The Process [Roadmap]

If we will see it from a positive perspective, the desire to become rich is not only about the abundance of money. It is more about giving oneself the ability to live a life of choice. So for me, becoming richer each day is an ongoing process. It is not an end goal. I believe that no […]

Wealth Building: How To Build Wealth in 30s [Wealth Formula]

There can be a formula for wealth building. If you are interested to know about how to build wealth then you just need to follow this formula. Who can use this formula? Anyone can use it. But people who are in 30s can benefit most out of it. Why? Because they are ones who have […]

How can a salaried person become rich?

Mostly it is the business men who become richer than others. But how can a salaried person become rich? Smart business men tend to become rich more frequently than salaried people. Yes, the keyword to become rich is “smart”. One need to handle ones paycheck (income) smartly. Smart and rich business men tend to handle their […]

What is “Pay Yourself First” Concept of Robert Kiyosaki?

The concept of pay yourself first has tremendous powers of making one financially independent. How? At least, it builds a strong foundation for it.  “Pay yourself first” was a phrase which was first used in a book called The Richest Man in Babylon. But this simple statement has been converted into a profound personal finance rule […]

What is E-Gold Investment in India?

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We know how gold is an investment vehicle. But what is e-gold? All over the world the commodity market is dominated by precious metals like Gold and Silver. In India in year 2010, National Spot Exchange introduced E-Gold. The biggest benefit of E-Gold is that it allows investors to invest in gold with much lower […]

How to Become Crorepati in India?

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Is is possible for a common man to become crorepati in India? Honestly speaking its not easy. But is there a way out? Generally we associate only big movie starts, politicians, cricketers & businessmen with the word crorepati. But the question here is, can a common man like you and me become crorepati? I know […]

Source of Income of Rich People

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For me the definition of Rich is not only to have lot of money. Rich people make money differently. For them, ‘how’ they make money is very important. For ultra rich people, money keeps dripping in their pockets irrespective of whether they work for it or not. These people have source of income, which are […]

How Easy is the Online EPF Withdrawal Process?

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How difficult it was for people to understand the EPF withdrawal process? In good old days, EPF withdrawal process was known only to the employer. Hence it was not uncommon to find ex-employees being harassed by the employers for their EPF withdrawals. But the cases of harassment was a smaller problem. The bigger issue was […]


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What is the utility of a balance sheet for individual? Why a salaried employee must maintain a personal balance sheet? There can be no if’s and but’s in the answer. An individual must maintain a balance sheet for personal use. Why? Because it will assist in keeping ones personal finance in order. What is a […]