How To Identify Good Stocks: Stock Picking Explained For Beginners

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There are only a couple of ways to identify good stocks for investing. Either we can do it ourselves or let the experts do it for us. But a piece of expert advice has a cost. Moreover, experts may not be available for people like us who can invest only a few thousand each month. Furthermore, whom we […]

How to Analyze Stocks in Excel: Fundamental Analysis of Indian Stocks

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Given a chance, an informed investor would not buy-sell stocks blindly. They would do stock analysis before investing. But only a few people do it. Why? Because of the lack of suitable tools. So what is the solution? We can analyze stocks in Excel. Please Check: Stock Screener Derived From Stock Analysis Worksheet. Generally, when […]

Stock Comparison Tool: Use it to compare Five Stock at a time [Excel]

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The stock comparison tool was one of the first tools which I developed in excel. In the last few days, we have made it more online savvy. Now, this tool can fetch stock data automatically upon click of a button. Check Our Big Screener – A WebApp The worksheet also has few limitations. It works […]

You’ve Lost money in stock market? Try this…

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Hundreds of people lost money in stock market in 2008 global financial meltdown. After those terrible experiences in 2008, people are still afraid of investing in stocks. Losing money in stock market is not a rare phenomenon, but we must learn how to manage this risk of loss. During years of 2009, people used to give me frowning […]