The Stock Engine

It is a stock analysis tool that can be used to screen stocks. The stocks are rated based on the “Overall Score” and “GMR Score”. The “Intrinsic Value” estimation is done based on multiple valuation models. Read: How to use the Stock Engine for analysis.


The Stock's Engine can estimate intrinsic value of India's top 850+ number stocks. The analysis is done based on the company's 10-Year financial data.


The Stock's Engine rates companies, and renders an overall score based on six parameters like price valuation, management, financial health, moat, growth, and profitability. The score is also represented as a spidar diagram.


The Stock's Engine will present the last 10-year financial data; also in a graphical form, and ratios that can be viewed in one glance. It helps the user to establish a trend (like growing sales, profit, profitability etc.).


The Stock's Engine has about 15+ number prebuilt stock screening themes. It can automatically filter stocks like growing stocks, low pe stocks, undervalued stocks, penny stocks, best stocks etc.

Subscription Plans

1 Month


0% Discount

6 Months


25% Discount

12 Months


45% Discount


Though the Stock Engine’s usage is intuitive, but to use it more effectively one use read this user guide

The number of stocks varies between 3500 to 4000 numbers. Out of these stocks, 850+ stocks are additionally analyzed for their Overall Score (OS), Intrinsic Value (IV), peer analysis, etc. The OS and IV analysis is done based on 10-Yr financial and price data

Overall Score and Intrinsic value is available for only 850+ number stocks. Why only 850+ stocks? Because following stocks are excluded: (1) Banks, (2) companies with less than 10-Yr financial and price data, and (3) stocks with weak fundamentals or low volumes.

To know the more about how the Stock’s Engine algorithm estimates the overall score, please read this article. The he Intrinsic Value algorithm is based on the concept of Net Present Value. You can read more about it here

The specific user will have to resubscribe after the expiry of the plan. The login to the app deactivates at the end of the subscription. The subscription can be renewed by subscribing to either of the three plans. Check here

The screener gives no investment advice. Please read the full disclaimer here.

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