Financial Planning Calculator

This personal financial calculator can help us to quantify our three major financial goals of life. The first one being retirement corpus generation. The second one is own a home for self. The third one is to build a big enough corpus for child’s future.

This personal financial calculator tells us how much we are saving today. It also highlights, how much we must save to achieve the above financial goals. Not only it tells us how much to save, it also tells how much to invest each month for each goals.

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AgeYour Current Age (in Years)
Retirement AgeAge at which you want to retire (in Years)
Net Monthly IncomeYour present net income per month (INR)
Monthly ExpenseTotal expenses incurred in a month(INR)
Retirement SavingsCurrent Accumulated Retirement Savings in PF/EPF (INR)
Monthly InvestmentHow much you are already contributing to PF/EPF per month (INR)
Expense ReductionReduction in expense possible if you retire today (in %). 30% means, if present expense is Rs.100, after retirement you will spend only Rs.70
AgeYour Child’s Current Age (in Years)
Education FundMoney Required for Child’s Higher Education in today’s terms (INR)
Marriage FundMoney Required for Child’s Higher Education in today’s terms (INR)
House Property?Do you already have a house property which you can sell? Yes / No
Present Value (old)Present Value of Your old Home (INR). For first time buyer it will be “zero”
New Home (Yrs)After how many years you plan to buy new home
Present Value (new)Present market value of new home (INR)
Self ContributionHow much will be your downpayment for new Home (%)

Report – Chart
Time Before Retirement (Years)
Future Value of Current Retirement Corpus (Rs.)
Average Self-Contribution Per Month to EPS Till Retirement (Rs.)
EPF Corpus due to Self-Contribution till Retirement (Rs.)
EPF Corpus due to Employers-Contribution till Retirement (Rs.)
Total EPF till Retirement (Rs.)
Cost of Living After Retirement (in todays terms) (Rs.)
Cost of Living After Retirement (Future Value) (Rs.)
Retirement Corpus Required at Time of Retirement (Rs.)
Extra Retirement Corpus to be Built before Retirement (Rs.)
Time in Hand before Child’s Higher Education (years)
Time in Hand before Child’s Marriage (years)
Corpus Requried for Child’s Higher Education (Rs.)
Corpus Requried for Child’s Marriage (Rs.)
Monthly Investment (SIP) for Child’s Higher Edu. Fund (Rs.)
Monthly Investment (SIP) for Child’s Marriage Fund (Rs.)
Present Home’s Future Value (Rs.)
Second Home’s Future Value (Rs.)
Additional Funding Requried for Second Home’s (Rs.)
Self Contribution for Second Home’s (Rs.)
Savings (Current)Total current savings done per month (INR)
Savings (Required)Total required savings per month for “investments” (INR) – SIP(Retirement) + SIP(Child) + SIP(Home)
Requirement Break-upRemarks
– SIP (Retirement)Investment to be done per month for retirement fund (INR)
– SIP (Child Plan)Investment to be done per month for Child’s future (INR)
– SIP (Home)Investment to be done per month for home downpayment (INR)

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