Financial Planning Calculator

The purpose of this calculator is to help you realise the importance of financial planning, which eventually prevents overspending. How one can deal with overspending in day to day life? Check this...

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Mutual Fund Calculator

Use this calculator to estimate how much you must invest (lumpsum plus monthly contributions) to reach the goal. First fix an investment goal & then know what you need to do to get there.

Loan Prepayment Calculator

This can be a life changing calculator. Why? When I was first building this calculator in MS excel, I could feel its utility. It will not be wrong to say that, because of it, I was motivated to become debt free one day.

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Loan Eligibility Calculator

How banks calculate our loan eligibility? If we can understand the "requirements", we can accordingly prepare before applying for the same. This simple calculator will highlight those important requirements.

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The SIP Return Calculator

This calculator has been coded to make an important point about the returns generated by the SIP plans of mutual funds. You can use this calculator to get a feel of what I intend to explain in this blog post.

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Intrinsic Value Calculator

Benjamin Graham, the Guru of Warren Buffett has suggested a simple formula in his book "The Intelligent Investor", which can help to estimate intrinsic value of any stocks. This calculator has been coded from it.

Free Cash Flow Calculator

There are two calculators in this page. One estimates the intrinsic value based on "free cash flow". But how to estimate free cash flow of stocks? The second calculator will help you to estimate FCF as well.

Retirement Calculator

This is an online calculator which can be used to do retirement planning. The calculator will ask few questions, based on which it will forecast a suitable corpus size and monthly investment necessary to build corpus.

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