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A list of India’s top 100 companies and their price history for the last 7D, 14D, 30D, 2 Month, and 3 Months. It is my way of shortlisting undervalued stocks (which stock has corrected the most in last days). Read More.

This article will highlight the parameters I use to screen low price stocks (penny stocks) for preparing a shortlist. I try to include only fundamentally strong stocks that I can hold for a very long periods like 10+ years. Read More.
It is detailed article about how we can shortlist best companies. I’ve used here seven (7) screening criteria’s using which I do fundamental analysis of all 4000+ listed stocks. Read More.
In this article I’ve prepared a list of most profitable companies. The list is prepared upon analysis of last 5-Years profitability and return ratios of over 2000+ companies. Read More.
Here is a list of companies whose last 10-Years returns is analyzed. Based on an algorithm, I have prepared a list of few highest return Indian companies. Read More.
Though it sounds simple, but preparing a list of blue chip companies is not easy. I’ve used an algorithm that highlights companies who are the industry leaders. Read More.
Experts always asks us to buy shares of fundamentally strong companies. How a non-pro investor can identify such a company by himself. Read More.
Here I’ve used an algorithm that bring forward a list of quality companies those have grown at the fastest speed in the last five (5) Years. Read More.
Generally we identify debt free companies as one that has D/E ratio of zero. But high cash carrying companies can also be seen as debt free. How? Read More.
There is a term called “Economic Moat”. The term was made famous by the legendary investor Warren Buffett. How to find wide moat companies? Read More.
PE ratio is one of most easy-to-use valuation ratios of all. But use of only PE ratio to value stocks can lead to mistake. What is the alternative? Read More.
I’ve used an algorithm to list of few undervalued companies. Here you’ll also read an article that talks about the concept of undervaluation of stocks. Read More.
Only high dividend yield cannot be the parameter to find best dividend paying companies. One must see more into the companies financial reports. How? Read More.
Passive investors can benefit by investing in Sensex through index funds or ETFs. One can also consider high weightage Sensex companies. How to find one? Read More.
Which are the best sectors to invest in? Good sectors are the ones that are intrinsically profitable. This articles gives a list of most profitable sectors of the market. Read More.