The worksheet has its own algorithm to estimate the intrinsic value of its stocks using multiple financial models…more

The worksheet gives an overall score to its stocks considering its overall business fundamentals…more

The worksheet has its own list of stocks. Select your stock from the list & click few buttons to analyze stocks…more

Comparing a stock with its peers gives more insights about its fundamentals and price valuation…more

Use this tool to shortlist stocks. The shortlisted stocks can then be analyzed in detail using the “Stock Analysis Worksheet”…more

Use this tool to compare five mutual funds at a time. Use its screening feature to shortlist your Mutual Funds…more

One can use this calculator to estimate the potential savings that can be made by making prepayments of loans like a home loan…more

This is a calculator one can use to plan their future goals. The calculator will tell how a systematic and/or lump-sum investing in mutual funds will help to reach the goal…more