The Best Guide on Personal Loan: India

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Generally people apply for personal loan when they need spare cash. But personal loans dose not come cheap. So it is better that one takes wise moves while availing personal loans. So, what should be the step 1? People opt for personal loans rather casually. But this is one debt that people must undertake after […]

Habits of People with High Credit Score

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People do not realise it but keeping a high credit score will prove extremely useful when need arises. Bad credit score may lead to rejection of loan request when need is top priority. A good credit history may also prompt banks to offer one lower interest rates. But not many people has an immaculate credit […]

Salary Dependency: How to Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck?

How many live life completely dependent on their monthly paycheck? Not surprisingly, 95% of all salaried people live a paycheck to paycheck life. Why it is so? Because salary (paycheck) is a very assured form of income. But on downside, it makes people complacent about their financial security. Salary income is assured only till one’s doing a job. If one […]