You will get a list of Indian penny stock with strong fundamentals in the below table. But to have a deeper understanding of penny stocks, I will request you to read this article first. Why? Because it will enhance your skill to decipher between a ‘good low price stock’ and a ‘bad low price stock’. I’m sure this knowledge will be useful for investing.

(Updated: 30-May-2020)

  • FCF: Free Cash Flow (Rs.Crore).
  • ICR: Interest Coverage Ratio.
  • ROA (5Y): Return on Asset 5Year Average.
  • RoCE (5Y): 5Year Average Return on Capital Employed.
  • EPSG (3Y): Average EPS Growth (3Y).
  • PEG: Price Earning to Growth Ratio.
1STL Global 6.3016.2441.1318.80186.2179.940.02
2KMC Speciality Hosp.15.5810.589.8012.1730.8248.920.40
3Bhansali Engineering 36.4524.9264.789.6638.5740.740.10
4Andhra Petrochem.21.3069.0017.053.5123.7561.880.19
5National Aluminium 29.401,676.851,152.237.6217.9544.870.68
6Himadri Speciality 43.90189.857.504.9019.76168.890.18
7Sagarsoft 38.004.32331.8616.4940.8575.030.08
8SPL Industries 22.3012.1129.758.2617.1484.630.03
9Bhagyanagar Prop. 19.606.9381.731.582.96571.090.00
10BLS International 31.20110.0610.4024.8135.1918.920.28
11Kriti Nutrients 19.7019.1112.0910.7732.7626.240.34
12Resonance Specialties44.452.779.883.3712.3553.340.16
13Auro Laboratories 36.002.877.957.0726.0052.580.06
14Filatex India 28.85117.613.403.9115.2038.000.09
15Mold-Tek Tech.32.051.4024.3813.3525.9152.050.30
16Advani Hotels 39.3511.70219.2511.7029.5914.060.96
17Tamilnadu Petrop.33.5526.1811.874.5921.2815.610.14
18BCL Industries 38.0013.623.783.5414.5373.360.02
19Sanwaria Consumer 2.5593.443.353.9813.32111.12 –
20Sadhana Nitro Chem 34.15-3.059.9115.2872.09157.930.10
21Brightcom Group 6.90506.3547.1815.6023.613.580.10
22Fineotex Chemical 26.654.6541.3717.3129.057.930.45
23Integra Engg. 22.008.2112.838.7022.20104.410.11
24Gayatri Projects 13.40125.261.640.6512.1196.350.08
25Bodal Chemicals Ltd43.9028.3825.1516.1333.1814.140.16
26Cybertech Systems34.2011.5212.205.0913.1424.880.27
27Riba Textiles 43.005.453.223.9213.6753.750.06
28PTL Enterprises 29.1541.7931.375.1438.3713.200.18
29Surat Textile Mills 1.849.7410.868.0013.712.870.07
30Yash Pakka 35.4022.212.482.9817.3967.090.10
31Jindal Stainless 38.95649.142.413.1622.51117.220.02

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Screening Criteria

  • Market Price: Only those stocks has been selected whose market price is below Rs.65. As their price is low, hence it becomes eligible to be called as penny stocks….read more about how to evaluate stock price.
  • Fundamentals: To check the overall fundamentals of the business of these companies, the parameters used are High Income, PAT, ROE, RoCE.
  • Price Valuation: Penny stocks trading at low P/E, Low P/B and PEG ratios are considered.

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