You will get a list of Indian penny stock with strong fundamentals in the below table. But to have a deeper understanding of penny stocks, I will request you to read this article first. Why? Because it will enhance your skill to decipher between a ‘good low price stock’ and a ‘bad low price stock’. I’m sure this knowledge will be useful for investing.

(Updated as on 24-June’19)

2Confidence Petro.36.91010.45-7.9896.1412.8312.4222.11435.9541.5315.13
3Dolat Investments 38.15671.44-40.71125.893631.2168.182203.0943.913.28
4Munjal Auto Inds. 43430-20.882.6815.537.4521.5420.3611.7812.93
5Sakuma Exports 16.7357.21-40.4632.8324.971.6916.123.9523.895.12
6Gallantt Metal 39.6317.16-19.684.0510.3411.0633.2685.1713.583.04
7Tamilnadu Petro.34.25308.15-3.9318.6614.319.2318.01259.4815.345.4
8Sree Rayalaseema Alka30289.95-21.5715.158.1517.4727.6169.695.353.7
9Ganesh Benzoplast 38.65200.15-24.0715.63286.8831.3143.21532.65435.326.4
10SPL Industries 43.95127.46-8.2512.412.976.3814.68271.1714.594.69
1120 Microns 35.2126.15-8.696.3114.1114.588.3818.9114.965.07
12Arnold Holdings 7.26109.17-12.740.280.753.97-18.41202.90.89383.06
13Kriti Nutrients 21.35106.97-33.88.7534.417.150.91151.1539.946.31
14Ambalal Sarabhai Ent13.5103.45-4.1921.434.210.64-6.63107.015.3524.35
15Monarch Networth3090.93-13.292.8235.4832.339.3952.1941.756.97
16Bhagyanagar India 24.678.71-19.3411.8111.64.7165.52145.9611.612.42
17Coral India Fin.14.971.58-24.474.69.3477.6962.9666.23-0.648.71
18Transcorp Int.20.1564.04-10.0425.9742.334.978.921106.6447.390
19Kallam Text.12.854.81-24.261.8416.7318.288.3222.5417.348.24
20Manaksia Alum.5.536.17-16.676.141.266.14-4.4123.251.314.94
21Wall Street Fin26.4530.61-2.042.3196.783.58-23.844200.55121.69273.28
22Indo Thai Sec.26.0527.5-22.011.9317.0424.3117.86164.9918.6313.81
23Zenlabs Ethica40.726.5-2641.5818.182.71-11.4822.2921.0920.98
24Vivid Global Ind.26.7524.42-24.9627.2642.1610.5633.5549.4740.317.19
25Calcom Vision 20.9522.09-28.6261.1148.319.3278.56158.814.647.33
26HB Portfolio 19.8521.37-18.989.198.6553.3772.64293.4119.66.79
27Joindre Capital15.2521.1-18.6712.3610.9631.0221.1710.4811.64.48
28Rathi Bars 11.0518.05-27.0112.991.813.1832.8644.211.839.63
29Tirupati Starch28.817.55-26.251.1911.635.5513.9655.2834.035.42
30Incap 32.9516.91-10.75.4620.8515.54-0.7120.8517.7817.4
32HS India 7.2711.81-19.2212.777.1423.5917.883.597.516.68
33Dhanalaxmi Roto27.9510.9-7.638.9419.525.4740.1318.6321.634.14
34Hawa Engineers 29.410.37-19.452.698.26.6711.138.38.5514.09
35BN Rathi Securities 18.79.42-18.870.8214.0715.964.267.2611.377.63
  • Price: Current Stock Price in (Rs.)
  • MCap: Market Capitalisation (Rs.Crore)
  • R-3M: Return in Last 3 Months (%).
  • R-3Y: Return in Last 3 Years (%)
  • ROE: Return on Equity (%).
  • OPM: Operating Profit Margin (%).
  • REVG-1Y: Income Growth in Last 5 Years.
  • EPSG-1Y: EPS Growth in Last 5 Years.
  • NWG-1Y: Book value Growth in Last 5 Years.
  • P/E: Price to Earning Ratio.

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Screening Criteria

  • Market Price: Only those stocks has been selected whose market price is below Rs.50. As their price is low, hence it becomes eligible to be called as penny stocks….read more about how to evaluate stock price.
  • Market Capitalisation: Only small cap stocks has been picked. Which are small cap stocks? Those stocks whose market capitalisation is below Rs.8,000 Crore (rule of thumb). Read more about returns given by small cap mutual funds.
  • Growth: Only those stocks has been selected whose past Income, EPS and Net Worth growth has been 10%+. The time horizon considered for EPS growth analysis is 1 to 5 years. Read more about high EPS stocks & its growth rates.
  • Fundamentals: To check the profitability we have considered only those stocks which has shown high ROE about 10%. Read more about profit margin analysis of stocks.
  • PEG (1Y): The Price Valuation of the stocks has been indicated in terms of its PEG Ratio. PEG is a ratio between current PE and Expected growth Rate in next 1 year. Read more about PEG ratio of Indian stocks.