This is a list of stocks which gave highest returns in last 10 years. But the stocks has been ranked based on their capability of generating highest overall returns. Read more about overall returns.

The list of stock has been categorised based on their market capitalisation. Why? Because such categorising will help the readers to identify stocks of their choice.

Stocks are segregated in which categories? See the following:

  • Large Cap Stocks: They represent stocks of popular companies which has maximum market cover. They generally represent the biggest companies in their own sectors. Read more about Indian blue chip stocks.
  • Mid Cap Stocks: These are stock which are not as big as large cap stocks, but has potential to become one in times to come. These are stocks which show a decent balance between future growth and price stability. Read more about mutual funds which invest in mid cap stocks.
  • Small Cap Stocks: These are real growth stocks. But an investor must invest in them very carefully. What is the risk? The risk of buying stocks of a bad business. Yes, there is a huge risk of buying shares of bad business when one is dealing with small cap stocks. Read more about good penny stocks.

List of stocks with highest overall returns in last 10 year period

(Updated as on May’2019)

  • Terminologies used in the stock list table
    • R3M – Last 3 Months annualised returns (%).
    • R1Y – Last 1 Year annualised returns (%).
    • R3Y – Last 3 Years annualised returns (%).
    • R5Y – Last 5 Years annualised returns (%).
    • R10Y – Last 10 Years annualised returns (%).

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Large Cap Stocks

SLCompanyMarket Cap (Cr)R3MR1YR3YR5YR10YOverall Returns (%)
1Bajaj Finance1,79,70518.3966.0364.5475.2379.6560.76
2Bajaj Finserv1,21,19225.0541.1457.656.3142.8444.58
3Havells India48,0894.4145.7432.693347.8932.74
4Titan Company1,01,70015.4819.3647.0534.6740.7431.46
5Reliance Industries8,91,91712.7146.5142.424.8412.0327.69

Mid Cap Stock

SLCompanyMarket Cap (Cr)R3MR1YR3YR5YR10YOverall Returns (%)
1Vinati Organics9,74920.41116.0560.146.1658.9760.33
2Minda Industries9,14621.53-3.0473.2394.2146.7946.54
3Bata Indi18,52426.0287.0436.522.9836.8741.88
4DCM Shriram7,22437.9758.7342.9337.2831.5641.69
5Indiabulls Ventures17,912-16.27-40.33162.7167.2326.1439.89

Small Cap Stocks

SLCompanyMarket Cap (Cr)R3MR1YR.3YR5YR10YOverall Returns (%)
1Mangalam Organics4557.9140.81192.2696.5759.4499.39
2Dhampur Sugar Mills1,50136.59151.5938.1439.820.5457.33
3Capri Global Capital3,08633.4388.9588.4245.4626.6256.57
4Olectra Greentech1,8362.129.43131.6185.3830.755.84
5Jump Networks44366.4288.7264.4647.1710.9255.53

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