High EPS

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Updated: 21-Feb-2020

1Ion Exchange (India) Small69.370.0113.480.20
2Bombay Burmah TrdgMid 155.633.827.030.34
3Transpek Industry Small141.255.7811.670.22
4Frontier Springs V.Small31.1119.5611.130.09
5SVP Global Ventures Small54.2173.267.520.12
6Jyoti Resins & Adhesives V.Small19.085.579.290.11
7Gujarat Petrosynthese V.Small4250.065.960.000.00
8IOL Chemicals & Pharm.Small65.558.493.600.06
9APL Apollo Tubes Small97.526.8821.690.74
10Raymond Small49.826.4711.711.06
11Samrat Pharmachem V.Small16.744.734.800.12
12Brady & Morris Engg.V.Small17.861.122.370.04
13Bombay Oxygen InvestV.Small743.121.6319.110.87
14Procter & Gamble Health Small95.629.7243.511.46
15Diamines & Chemicals V.Small20.450.6011.200.22
16Supreme Holdings & Hosp.V.Small2.3202.617.720.04
17Tasty BiteSmall157.034.7978.332.25
18Fortune International V.Small9.4111.101.000.00
19Raghuvir Synthetics V.Small7.5131.6521.440.16
20SRF Mid 178.031.5923.410.74
21Bervin InvestmentV.Small21.8165.770.610.00
22Ashirwad SteelsV.Small6.6127.121.440.01
23Elpro International Small0.587.1089.321.06
24Poona Dal & OilV.Small26.764.120.900.01
25Godrej Industries Mid 24.516.8217.171.18
26STL Global V.Small16.425.640.400.02
27Lux Industries Small51.526.4230.200.80
28Phoenix Mills Mid 33.535.1525.520.95
29Bajaj Finance V.Large90.636.0853.851.20
30Kei Industries Small28.371.0618.460.43
31Garg Furnace V.Small8.587.531.470.02
32Vindhya Telelinks Small242.351.233.640.09
33Resonance Specialties V.Small5.746.7811.060.24
34Globus Spirits V.Small18.188.127.960.17
45Aneri Fincap V.Small60.5301.460.140.00
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