Here is a list of stocks of fastest growing companies. But before I think it will make more meaning if you can first read my blog post of fastest growing companies. Why? Because it will give you a deeper understanding of the parameters which has been used to shortlist these stocks.

(Updated: 19-Jan-2020)

  • SG (5Y): Sales/Revenue Growth in 5Y (p.a.).
  • OPG (5Y): Operating Profit Growth in 5Y (p.a.).
  • EPSG (5Y): EPS Growth in 5Y (p.a.).
  • NWG (5Y): Net Worth Growth in 5Y (p.a.).

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SLNameSG (5Y)OPG (5Y)EPSG (5Y)NWG (5Y)
1L&T Tech.106.28130.52166.5547.52
2SVP Global Ventures80.83166.01173.2673.76
3Affle (India) 52.0070.92107.35116.82
4HEG 35.0677.87107.8831.47
5Valiant organic70.1380.7271.7052.89
6Graphite India 31.3677.7792.0724.91
7Suyog Telematics 55.1569.3288.1747.30
8KP Energy 75.77116.2788.4981.57
9Future Retail 53.8031.9953.36202.62
10Aavas Financiers 67.2167.2860.4566.11
11Sadhana Nitro Chem 52.82157.86157.35139.45
12Apollo Pipes 258.73156.13100.2253.96
13Infibeam Avenues 41.0964.4637.5391.35
14Minda Industries 28.2051.36105.5138.03
15Avenue Supermarts 33.6836.2937.4238.45
16Capital India Finance 110.6391.8967.6756.78
17Generic Engineering Const.288.07305.63201.9054.37
18Pritika Auto Industries 426.52323.1480.7157.31
19CreditAccess Grameen 55.1956.7345.0133.16
20Jatalia Global Ventures 122.82294.07297.0141.80
21Varun Beverages 19.2727.3649.3352.86
22TCNS Clothing Co 46.5952.7586.3559.63
23Aditya Birla Capital 120.09126.5514.2028.93
24Refex Industries 79.8238.4093.0598.94
25Vindhya Telelinks 35.4940.9551.2345.61
268K Miles Software55.4953.68139.6953.00
27Bajaj Finance 33.9435.1136.0833.23
28Majestic Research90.24143.48115.4951.28
29Sheetal Cool Products 105.09224.9018.1959.62
30Sequent Scientific 20.29103.7319.9269.83
31Alankit 136.45163.71130.6448.18
32Astron Paper28.7235.2449.3733.54
33Hindustan Foods 96.1998.3037.1039.85
34RBL Bank 36.0561.1142.9320.62
35RCI Industries36.1067.0976.7038.47

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P.Note: The above list of stocks has been valued based on rough estimates about ROE, ROC, Margins and future returns. I prefer to do a deeper analysis of my shortlisted stocks using my stocks analysis worksheet