Here is a list of stocks of fastest growing companies. But before I think it will make more meaning if you can first read my blog post of fastest growing companies. Why? Because it will give you a deeper understanding of the parameters which has been used to shortlist these stocks.

(Updated for: April’2019)

  • MCap: Market Capitalisation in Rs.Crore.
  • ROE: Return on Equity.
  • OPM: Operating Profit Margin.
  • ROC: Return on Capital.
  • R.3Y: Return in Last 3 Years.
  • R.5Y: Return in Last 5 Years.

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SLCompanyM.CapROE (%)OPM (%)ROC (%)R.3YR.5Y
2Hindustan Zinc1,19,555.4027.8062.2727.8019.4916.98
4Nestle India1,07,322.7445.3025.4744.8722.0918.41
8Info Edge23,677.1031.5135.6031.5034.7028.29
9Sun TV23,532.7625.5372.4325.5318.428.61
10HEG 8,048.5175.6263.0565.42139.5553.64
11Page Ind.26,670.4245.8622.0742.4322.6433.25
12Pidilite Ind.65,724.7727.3724.5126.4528.0331.99
13Gillette India 25,418.2638.5623.5238.5620.5632.70
15Marico 46,910.0134.1219.3330.3813.0928.34
16Graphite India 9,220.7544.9746.9340.9084.4738.94
17Asian Paints 1,39,644.8125.6220.7024.0918.5622.21
18Britannia Ind.72,635.0033.0016.8231.1629.7346.97
19Natco Pharma 10,232.4529.7044.3428.117.9931.74
20Symphony 9,668.0635.7734.3034.344.3431.32

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P.Note: The above list of stocks has been valued based on rough estimates about ROE, ROC, Margins and future returns. I prefer to do a deeper analysis of my shortlisted stocks using my stocks analysis worksheet

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