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I have few useful resource on offer. These are basically MS EXCEL based worksheets which I’ve developed myself. I’ve also written couple of eBooks.

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Learn Stock Analysis

Use my Stock Analysis Worksheet V2.1.4. It’s a MS Excel based tool which can analyse stocks. It can also estimate intrinsic value of stocks.

Start Here - SAW

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Try this basket of 10 products. All are MS Excel based financial calculators. These will be great tools for beginners interested in finance and investing. 

Product Basket + New Cover Image

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It’s a MS Excel based worksheet which can be used to track daily expenses. What makes this worksheet unique is its expense reporting. It can also be used to save more money.

Expense Tracker

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Read my eBook. I have written it specifically for the beginners. I can be their guide to stock investing. It explains the concept of value investing. 

Ebook - How to invest like buffett

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Learn Finance From Investors Perspective

This eBook will be perfect for you. This book is written for stock investors. Basics of finance, which are essential for stock investing, has been explained in lay man terms. 

Ebook - Decoding Finance

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