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This is a series of article written on stock investing. This series has been tailor made for the beginners. Here you will get answers to questions like: What are stocks? How to buy stocks? Why stocks price fluctuate? How to evaluate stocks? Etc…

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Mutual Funds

Here you will find a series of articles on mutual funds. I have tried to put in simple words almost everything a beginner should know about mutual funds before investing in them. Here you will get answers like: What is mutual fund? What is NAV? What types of mutual funds are available? How mutual funds are taxed? Etc… 


Perhaps these are the most engaging articles that I have written till date. Why? Because they have inbuilt online calculators for its readers. In these articles you will not only be able to read, but also practice your learnings. Calculators like SIP Calculator, loan prepayment calculator, Intrinsic value calculator, etc are available. 

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These series of articles are based on an excellent youtube video of Ray Dalio. These articles target to explain a beginner, “how economy works”. Have you every pondered on these questions: Why inflation rate varies? Why interest rates fluctuate? Why stock market crash? Why bank gives loans? If the answer is yes, then this series is for you. Explore the unknown.