Stock Analysis Worksheet V2.1.5 (Plus)​

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Please see the video guides provided against each item, and also read the FAQ’s for better understanding of the products.

Product Basket (10 Items)

  • Stock Analysis Worksheet V2.1.5
  • Stock Comparison Tool
  • Expense Tracking Worksheet (New)
  • Stock Checklist
  • E-Book [Invest Like Buffett]
  • Loan Prepayment Calculator (Reduce EMI)
  • Loan Prepayment Calculator (Reduce Tenure)
  • How to Accumulate Crores
  • Networth Tracking Worksheet
  • Retirement Calculator


What is Stocks Analysis Worksheet

It is tool which can be used to highlight fundamental strengths and weakness of a stock. It can also estimate intrinsic value of stocks. Please read more details about it here

What is Stocks Comparison Tool

It is tool which has inbuilt data of 1,000+ number stocks. It has a “static database”. The tool has been updated as on 07-Dec’2019. This tool can be used to compare 5 stocks at a time. It prepares a point wise comparison between the selected stocks. Future updates are not guaranteed. Please see this video to know more about it

What is Expense Tracking Worksheet

What is this tool? This is my personal budgeting and expense tracking Excel based worksheet. It is a unique tool which has helped me to manage my expenses (both cash and credit card) since last 10+ years. Why I say it is unique? Because it works on a concept of expense tracking which you will not get elsewhere on internet. Please read this to know more.

What is Stocks Checklist Tool

It is tool which can be used to evaluate stocks based on 11 parameters. The parameters used in this tool are price trend, cash flow, trading volume, sales growth, mutual funds interest in stock, analysts point of view about the stock, gross margin, & trade receivable ratio. The user must manually enter few data. Based on the fed data, the tool will help the user to arrive at a conclusion. To see how this tool looks like, please see this video

E-Book (Invest Like Buffett)

This book is about value investing in stocks. The concept of value investing has been explained in layman’s language. To see the cover page of the book, check this link

What is Loan Prepayment Calculator?

There are 2 calculators here. One calculator is related to loan prepayment leading to EMI reduction. The other calculator is related to loan prepayment leading to tenure reduction. Please see the below 2 video guides to know how to use it…Video-1 (EMI Reduction) & Video-2 (Tenure Reduction).

What is "How to Accumulate Crores" calculator?

This again a simple SIP calculator. Suppose you want to accumulate one crore in next 10 years. How much you shall invest every month to build the corpus? This calculator will help you to figure out the answers to such questions. To know more about this tool, please see this video guide

What is Networth Tracking Worksheet?

This tool can be used to maintain a record of all personal assets and liabilities. Such a record-keeping helps people to always be aware of ones networth. The higher is the netwroth, richer the person it. Want to know your networth, try this worksheet. To know more about this tool, please see this video guide 

What is Retirement Calculator?

What are your present expenses? How much is your present saving? How much should be your retirement fund? How much you must invest each month to build retirement corpus? Answers to such questions are provided in by this calculator. To know more about this tool, please see this video guide