Stock Analysis Worksheet V2.1.6.2

Use this worksheet to analyse your stocks. Just copy and paste the financial data of stocks in this worksheet, and it will do the rest. What it will do? It will estimate the stocks intrinsic value. Recommended: Kindly read all FAQ’s before using the worksheet


What a layman can do with Balance sheet of companies? Very less. Reading financial reports, and estimating intrinsic value from those numbers is a challenge. This is where my “stock analysis worksheet” can help its users. Watch its introduction video & read this article to know more about it.



Data Entry Guide

Data entry must be done manually in the worksheet. Majority data is available in moneycontrol. Please watch the video guide to know “how to enter data” into the worksheet. This is a must to use the worksheet correctly. 

Utility of sheet

To get a feel of the utility of this worksheet, you are suggested to read this blog post. It will highlight the key aspects of this worksheet. 


Have made the payment, how to get the worksheet?

Check your Inbox/Spam box [Read: how to buy]. The download link is provided in the email. The downloadable file is zipped. Use the link to download the file into your laptop or desktop device. The worksheet works only on device which has MS OFFICE loaded on it. Read about limitations.

Why the download link in the email is not working?

The Download link will work only for the first 24 hours from the point of payment. This feature is necessary to limit the number of downloads, and unjust circulation. [Read: how to buy]

How to use the worksheet?

Before using the worksheet, first read all the FAQ's listed here. Once done, see every minute of the “video guide” on data entry. Also read the "good practices" listed in this FAQ.

Getting #DIV/O Error. What to do?

DIV Error will appear only when the data entry has not been done properly. Before using the worksheet, first see every minute of the “video guide” on data entry. The video has been embedded in this page itself. See section “Data Entry” above. ​

Upon data entry why worksheet is indicating password protection?

The worksheet is password protected. But the message related to password protection will appear only “if copy/pasting of data is not done properly”. Solution is, watch the Video guide related to data entry. Read about other limitations.

What are the "good practices" while starting to use this worksheet?

(a) Download the worksheet. (b) Make a duplicate Copy. (c) Go Step by Step. (d) Do not start analysing stocks from day one. (5) First, see every minute of the “video guide” related to how to enter data. (e) Try to implement it simultaneously in the worksheet. (f) Idea should be to learn to “paste data” as suggested in video. Read about other quick Tips here.

Does This Product Offer Investment Advice?

None of the articles or products of this Blog offers any investment advice. Please make sure to read the disclaimer before use.

Why the sheet is showing errors for stocks like HDFC Bank, Axis Bank etc?

This worksheet can be used only for non-banking stocks.​ In case you want to know about how to analyse banking stocks, you can read this article. Also read about other limitations of this worksheet.

In addition to banking stocks, all stocks which does not have 10 years data will show errors (check all limitations here).

Which browser to use to copy data from internet?

Always use Google's Chrome to copy data from internet as instructed in the video guide. Other browsers like Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge etc will renders errors in the worksheet. Read about other limitations.

The Data Entry process is time taking, can it not be reduced?

For a new user, data entry process may look slightly daunting. But with time, when the user gets used to the work, it will become easy. Generally speaking, for a trained hand, it will not take more than 10 minutes to enter data.

What is the Refund Policy?

Considering that Stock Analysis Worksheet is a "Digital Product", the paid money cannot be refunded. Having said that, this is also true that the question of refund will not arise if the "DATA ENTRY" is done properly. Why? Because when data entry is proper, worksheet will render the results. Please make sure to read the "limitations" of the worksheet.

I do not know MS EXCEL, can I use the worksheet?

Basic knowledge of MS Excel is necessary. The level of skill necessary can be understood by watching the video guide. The user is only asked to copy data from internet and paste it in worksheet.

Bought the worksheet sometime back, how to get the updated version?

The worksheet gets updated with time. Occasionally we give offers to existing users, but there is no promise that existing users will get the future updates. But I wish, some day I will be able to extend this facility to all users.​

Which range of dates should be selected for the price sheet?

Selection of 10 years “monthly” data is necessary. For details watch the video guide. Example: Current date: 23-08.2018, Back date: 24-08-2008.

Whom to contact in case of problem?

In case of problem, I will suggest you to first read all the FAQ's. Also, read about the "Good Practices". In case your problem is not covered in FAQ's, & video guide kindly email me at​

Why my E-mails are not replied?

Generally I'try to answer all emails related to problems faced by users. But requests for resending worksheet, queries on sheet's algorithm, finding the cause of error, commercial emails, personalised queries, general queries etc may not get a reply.

Version Logs

Financial ratios sheet updated.

It’s a minor update. A reporting format showing 10Y snapshot of Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss account, and Cash Flow Statement is introduced. 

This is a major update where changes are made both in worksheet’s back-end and front end. Some mathematical models have been improved while couple of the old ones are also discontinued.

This update takes care of how how free cash flow and intrinsic value of stocks is estimated by the worksheet using Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) method. Know More about it here.

Management, profitability & financial health grading algorithm has been updated. It bring changes to the “overall score” given to stock in the “Cover” sheet (Oct-2019)

Effect of recent “Price trends & PE trends” has been considered to estimate intrinsic value (fair price) of stocks (Aug-2019)