Expense Tracking Worksheet V1.0.4

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Use this MS Excel based worksheet to track your daily expenses. What makes this worksheet unique is its concept. How? It tracks and compares spendings not only based on budget but also with respect to the savings one has against each line item. [To be used only with MS Excel

How to Buy?

Pay using the above green button. You can also pay directly using UPI to get discount. Once the payment is made, the download link will be emailed to your email id. Check your Inbox/Spam box after payment. 

Know more

To know more about the worksheet, check this blog post. It will explain everything about the worksheet. It’ll start with the concepts on which this worksheet works. It will also explain (video guide) about how to use this worksheet to maximise the benefits. This worksheet can be used to track both credit card and non-credit card based expenses. 

How to use?

Data entry must be done manually in the worksheet. Though use of this worksheet is very easy but I’ll recommend you to see this video guide before starting to use it. You can also read this blog post to get familiar with the various attributes of this worksheet.