Most Active Stocks in India Today

Updated on 08-June-2024

Active Stocks List

SLNAMEPriceValuationBusinessP/EMarket Cap.52W High52W High Date52W Low52W Low Date
1Infosys1531.00OvervaluedNot Bad24.197,507.971733.006-Feb-241262.2526-Jun-23
2HDFC Bank1575.0017.514,210.161757.5003-Jul-231363.5514-Feb-24
3Reliance Industries2931.10OvervaluedNot Strong Enough28.481,988,359.173029.0003-Jun-242220.3026-Oct-23
4Hindustan Aeronautics4745.00OvervaluedLooks Strong41.64317,415.005444.0003-Jun-241728.607-Jun-23
5Bajaj Finance7175.00OvervaluedNot Strong Enough30.41444,520.668192.0006-Oct-236187.806-Mar-24
6Larsen & Toubro3527.85OvervaluedNot Strong Enough37.58485,226.843919.9003-Jun-242278.007-Jun-23
7State Bank Of India829.2511.03739,736.62912.0003-Jun-24543.2026-Oct-23
8Vodafone Idea15.80OvervaluedNot Strong Enough107,588.0018.4023-Feb-247.057-Jun-23
9ICICI Bank1121.0018.099,429.631173.0003-Jun-24899.0026-Oct-23
10Mahindra & Mahindra2845.00OvervaluedNot Strong Enough28.25342,296.882761.9006-Jun-241363.009-Jun-23
11Tata Consultancy Services3888.55OvervaluedLooks Strong30.891,408,374.494254.7518-Mar-243156.0016-Jun-23
12Bharti Airtel1419.55OvervaluedNot Strong Enough110.9849,674.741420.4503-Jun-24819.0014-Jun-23
13Amara Raja Energy & Mobility Ltd1402.00OvervaluedNot Strong Enough23,381.491333.0006-Jun-24599.0026-Oct-23
14Bharat Electronics283.00OvervaluedLooks Strong51.93206,902.03323.0003-Jun-24116.408-Jun-23
15REC495.90OvervaluedNot Bad9.25130,912.01607.8003-Jun-24145.008-Jun-23
16Power Finance Corporation482.90OvervaluedNot Bad8.06159,660.49559.0003-Jun-24155.4016-Jun-23
17Adani Enterprises3222.50OvervaluedNot Bad118.35367,197.023743.9003-Jun-242142.0020-Nov-23
18Tata Motors970.00OvervaluedNot Strong Enough11.84355,527.691065.6005-Mar-24552.157-Jun-23
19Tata Steel178.85OvervaluedNot Strong Enough223,457.72177.7027-May-24108.1026-Jun-23
20ITC438.50OvervaluedNot Bad26.77547,700.85499.7024-Jul-23399.3512-Mar-24
21Power Grid Corporation Of India309.85OvervaluedNot Bad18.51287,666.36348.7003-Jun-24177.127-Jun-23
22IRB Infrastructure Developers77.90UndervaluedNot Strong Enough77.946,605.3576.5527-May-2424.952-Aug-23
23Rail Vikas Nigam374.95OvervaluedNot Strong Enough49.6678,031.40425.0003-Jun-24117.0513-Jul-23
24Hindustan Unilever2573.95OvervaluedNot Strong Enough58.85605,383.642769.6507-Jul-232172.0516-Apr-24
25Axis Bank1188.0013.97366,402.391242.2003-Jun-24927.153-Aug-23

Top Stock Filters

These are stocks that are looking good from all perspectives (growth, profitability, valuations, management, etc)

Small cap stocks trading at a price range below Rs.100. There stocks of fundamentally strong buy small companies. 

Stocks that have given stellar returns in the past. Our algorithm filters top such stocks for you. 

The are a few fastest-growing stocks that have grown their earnings and market cap at a very fast pace. 

Here is a list of those companies that have paid consistently dividends in the last many years with a high yield.

Stock of large and established companies that are also doing good business are filtered using the Stock Engine’s algorithm.

The algorithm filters such companies that are using their resources/capital most effectively.

These are such stocks that show good numbers when it comes to revenue, profit, profitability, growth, etc. 

Had Warren Buffett been an Indian, which stocks from the Indian stock market would have attracted his attention?

Stocks trading at a discount to their estimated intrinsic value are filtered here. 

These are companies that enjoy pole positions within their industries. Either they are solo operators or their peers are not strong enough. 

One of the quick ways to identify undervalued stocks is through the use of the PE ratio. Which are quality meaning stocks are currently trading at low PE multiples?

Stock Analysis

Stock Engine

Use this unique tool to do a deep fundamental analysis of over 1,300 number Indian stocks. 

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About Good Stocks

These are simple concepts that can help one to get a head start in learning to pick the best stocks for investing. 

Look for companies with a strong balance sheet and a history of profitability. The company must be from industries that are growing or have the potential to grow in the future. Make sure the company has a strong management team with a proven track record. Never overpay to buy stocks.

Don’t buy a stock just because it’s going up in price. Do your research and make sure the stock is a good long-term investment. Never ignore diversifying your portfolio. Spread your money across different stocks and industries to reduce your risk. Investing in stocks with a narrow time horizon is a big mistake. Always invest with at least 5-7 years of perspective.

Check the market position of the company; industry leaders or potential disruptors are good picks. Understand the business by analyzing products and services, seeking companies with innovative solutions. Analyze financial health by examining income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements over three to five years.
Valuing a company is crucial to determine the fair price of its stock. Basic valuation methods like Price-to-Earnings (P/E) ratio and Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) help in assessing stock value. It’s essential to avoid overpaying for a stock, considering market sentiment and economic conditions. Applying a margin of safety is recommended.

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