Best investment strategies in India for 30 Year Olds

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Stock analysis is complicated, use our Stock Engine to analyze selected 1,300+ number stocks.

The Stock Engine will give its first impression about its stocks. Then it goes deeper and calculate its intrinsic value and the overall score. The Stock Engine makes it easier to interpret the fundamentals of stocks even for untrained investors.

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Golden Rules of Investing In Stocks [2024]

Embarking on the stock market journey? Discover the essential principles with our “9 Golden Rules of Investing in Stocks.” Learn to navigate market uncertainties, avoid common pitfalls, and make informed decisions. Whether one is a beginner or seeking to refine strategy, these rules offer valuable insights to better our investment

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Two Decades of SIP Investments and Financial Independence [Wealth Creation]

Systematic Investment Plan (SIP), stands as a cornerstone strategy for wealth creation and financial stability. For nearly two decades, one steadfast investor embarked on a remarkable journey through the landscape of SIPs, refining strategies, embracing volatility, and reaping the rewards of consistent, disciplined investment. Let’s learn from the two decades

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