Asset Coverage Ratio (ACR): ACR as a share price valuation tool

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Generally, for banks and lenders, the asset coverage ratio (ACR) is one way to check the loan-friendliness of the company. Investors can also use the concept of ACR to check two things about the company. First, they can check if the company is risky due to a high debt load. Second, they can also check the price […]

Discounted Cash Flow (DCF): How to use it for Stock Valuation?

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[Updated] Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) method is a better way of intrinsic value calculation. The DCF model is derived from a concept called Net Present Value (NPV). Why Intrinsic Value is required? Because based on it, one can judge if the stock is fairly priced or not. DCF method is not an easy way of doing price […]

Absolute PE Method: How to estimate intrinsic value using this method?

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In this method, we first estimate the ‘absolute PE’ of a stock. Then multiply the calculated PE with EPS. This will give us the fair price or intrinsic value of the stock. We will read about this in more detail. What is the PE formula? Conventional PE = Market Price / EPS. The same formula we […]

Net Current Asset Value Per Share (NCAVPS): A Method To Value Stocks

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If you like to estimate intrinsic value of a stock, then start with Net Current Asset Value Per Share (NCAVPS). Why? Because it is the easiest to calculate and is most reliable of all. Yes, for me it is even more reliable than DCF method. But the big problem with NCAVPS method is that, its […]

Residual Income Method: A great way to estimate intrinsic value of companies

Residual Income Model - Image

Residual income method is a unique and a comparatively easier way to estimate intrinsic value of companies. What makes it unique is the factor called “residual income“. I’m a big fan of valuing companies using discounted cash flow method (DCF). Why? Because if done accurately, its computed intrinsic value can be very accurate. But its […]

Earning Power Value (EPV) Method of Stock Valuation

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Earning Power Value (EPV) method of stock valuation was developed by Bruce Greenwald. At the outset EPV may give an impression that it uses a too simplistic approach to value stocks. But when I went into its calculations, its phenomenally detailed and good. I was really impressed with the person who developed such a concept. Who is […]

Company Valuation by Reproduction Cost Method

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Out of all valuation methods, companies valuation by reproduction cost method is most understandable. Valuation of a company is perhaps the most critical aspect of value investing. Value investors tend to value the company more accurately as compared to their inexperienced counterparts. In order to value a company one must dig deep into their balance […]